The Power of Family: Unveiling the Secret Behind Ronaldo’s Success

With Ronaldo, behind his success is a family filled with love.

In December 2021, Georgina, Ronaldo’s fiancée decided to post a video announcing the sex of the twins. The video quickly became viral, many wishes were sent to the CR7 family on a happy day.

Cristiano Junior and Mateo blew up a blue balloon filled with confetti inside, both shouting “it’s a boy” in Portuguese.

While the other two daughters of Ronaldo, Eva and Alana have the same action with a pink balloon. They both shouted “it’s a little girl”. Behind is Georgina’s happy smile.

Less than half a year later, tragedy struck Ronaldo’s family, when CR7 announced that one of the twins had not survived.

Losing a child is the biggest pain that no parent wants to bear.

“I can make millions, billions of dollars, but the most important thing is still my family,” Ronaldo shared in the most recent interview.

“Always keep your family healthy, take good care of them, because this is the best thing in life,” Ronaldo added.

As a football icon, Ronaldo easily created controversy about his talent. Just last week, CR7 faced criticism for smashing a boy’s phone during a game against Everton.

When he returned home, Ronaldo hugged his children, taking care of them as usual. As one of the players who have children at a relatively young age, Ronaldo is aware of the importance of being a father.

The youngest of four children, born in poverty in the Madeira region of Portugal, Ronaldo himself came to Lisbon at the age of 12 and joined the number one club here, Sporting Lisbon. Little Ronaldo that year cried a lot because of homesickness. However, the desire to rise has prompted Ronaldo not to stop trying to get where he is today.

Ronaldo’s heart is always with his family. Criatiano Junior was born in June 2020, the identity of the mother is still a mystery.

Twins Eva and Mateo were born in June 2017 through surrogacy in the US, while Georgina gave birth to baby girl Alana in November 2027.

The last time Ronaldo posted a family photo on Instagram was on April 3, with the comment: “Family is everything”.

“As a father, everything is completely different from before, it’s hard to describe,” Ronaldo said. “There are moments with my children that I will always remember, I feel so warm.

I remember in the Champions League final against Juventus in 2017, we made history. After the game, I felt like I sent a message to the whole world. However, right after that haughty moment, my son came forward and they congratulated me. All emotions change completely.

My son and I celebrate the championship, walk in the yard together, it’s a joy only a father can understand.”

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