Ronaldo’s Fairytale Love Story: A Journey of Romance and Success

Dedicated to  Ronaldo

Many young girls in the world are jealous of Georgina Rodriguez – the girlfriend who is about to give birth to Ronaldo’s fourth child, and the first “product” in the relationship between the two.

Georgina is always by Ronaldo’s side and takes care of the children

Jealousy, but all for Georgina admiration. Because, this 22-year-old girl is doing all she can to help Ronaldo, the best player in the world 2017, show up through the title of The Best.

She deserves to be praised as a gentle wife, despite the fact that they have not yet married or registered their marriage.

As a girlfriend and recognized by Ronaldo’s family, Georgina spends a lot of time taking care of Cristiano Jr., the eldest son of the Portuguese football superstar.

Cristiano Jr. was born in 2010 in the US, when Ronaldo hired a surrogate. Recently, also with surrogacy, CR7 has two more children, Eva and Mateo.

While pregnant, Georgina took care of the babies with Ronaldo’s mother and sister.

Georgina Rodriguez

The 22-year-old Spanish girl considers Cristiano Jr., Eva and Mateo as her own children. Because of the eldest son Cristiano Jr. 7 years old, so Georgina spends more time with Eva and Mateo. 

Prince and Cinderella

 Who is Georgina Rodriguez ? She came from a middle-class family in Jaca (also known as Chaca, or Xaca in the local language), Huesca province, Aragon.

Georgina is like a Cinderella who meets Prince Ronaldo

Thanks to its cultural, historical and geographical identity, the Kingdom of Aragon – before it became an autonomous community of Spain – is a place of legends full of adventure, fantasy, and romance.

Georgina herself, the daughter of Aragon, is like the main character in a romantic adventure story, when she leaves home to Madrid to study and work.

In the summer of 2016, Georgina met Ronaldo at a Dolce & Gabbana fashion event. Not only a regular customer, CR7 is also a friend of two leading fashion house owners from Italy.

At that time, Ronaldo was the VIP guest of the event, while Georgina’s role was a Gucci salesman.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina never thought of being able to get used to the star. Ronaldo, a millionaire and one of the most famous people in the world (by all means), is far beyond the young girl’s dream.

The thunder of love broke out. Ronaldo secretly dated the beauty many months later. Until November 2016, the two officially announced their relationship. He also brought his Cinderella to introduce to his family.

The special person in Ronaldo’s heart

Before Georgina,  Irina Shayk  was the closest girlfriend that Ronaldo brought home to introduce officially. Irina is also the girlfriend that CR7 has known for the longest time, starting in 2010 and ending in 2015.

Love with Georgina helps Ronaldo succeed

But there is an invisible gap between the two. Irina buried her head in making money. The Russian supermodel often takes hot advertising photos with male models, ignoring Ronaldo’s jealousy many times.

Irina prefers to maintain independence in their relationship. This is also reasonable. But things go too far. If at first it was just respecting each other’s privacy, then later Irina became more and more selfish, almost not interested in Ronaldo.

Georgina is different. While many beauties are willing to borrow Ronaldo for fame, Georgina does not do it.

When publicizing her love for Ronaldo, Georgina kept her job as a salesman, in a Gucci store in Madrid. It was only later that she quit her job while pregnant, and turned down many expensive advertising offers.

Georgina always spends a lot of time with Ronaldo, no matter how busy she is at the Bernabeu to cheer him on playing football. This is something that CR7 did not get in Irina and previous flash-loves.

With the Cinderella Georgina, Ronaldo feels true love. Between them is love, respect and sacrifice for each other.

The beautiful and romantic love affair with Georgina is the key to Ronaldo’s continued success on the pitch. Coming up, will it be the 3rd Champions League in a row, and the first World Cup in a career?

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