Who is Kyrie Irving’s Fiancé Marlene Golden Wilkerson and Do They Have Kids?

Kyrie Irving or as his parents named him Kyrie Andrew Irving has been a star in the NBA for over a decade now. Kyrie first became famous in the NBA during his rookie year with the Cavs. Irving is widely regarded as the player with the best handle in NBA history, he is also very crafty and skilled at finishing around the rim.

Kyrie has seen everything throughout his career, from playing for a lottery team to winning the NBA championship with that same team along with his superstar teammates like LeBron James and Kevin Love. Irving has also played with another superstar, his superstar teammate Kevin Durant.

Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets during his time with the Cavaliers
Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets during his time with the Cavaliers. (Picture Credit: Twitter)

The Highlight of Kyrie’s career came when he beat Stephen Curry and the Warriors to win the NBA championship in 2016. Though ever since he did that his career has taken a downward trajectory. Kyrie has not played in the NBA finals ever since he played his last game for the Cavs.

Since then he has spent more time being in the news for controversial statements than he has in the playoffs. Apart from all this Kyrie is also a family man. He has 2 kids with 2 different women. He has a daughter named Azurie Elizabeth Irving with his ex-girlfriend Andrea Wilson, he also recently welcomed a son with his fiancé Marlene Golden Wilkerson.

How old are Kyrie Irving’s kids?

Kyrie Irving has 2 kids, a baby boy and a baby girl. His daughter whom he had with Andrea Wilson, Azurie Elizabeth Irving is 7 years old, and his son whom he had with Marlene Golden Wilkerson is one year old.



Kyrie is a very private man but he still occasionally takes to Instagram to express his love for his kids.



Kyrie’s partner on the other hand is an internet personality and actively posts about her journey with Kyrie. She also has a YouTube channel with 782K Subscribers. Marlene posted an entire YouTube video documenting Her and Kyrie’s pregnancy journey back in 2021.

Is Kyrie Irving married?

Kyrie Irving may be a proper family man but he is yet to tie the knot with anyone. Kyrie and Marlene Golden Wilkerson have been together since 2018. Even after 4 years the two of them are yet to get married. 


Being an NBA star Kyrie’s schedule is probably always packed. It might be a long time before he finally settles down and marries someone. His turbulent life in the NBA can also be the reason behind his not being married yet. Within the past 2 years, Kyrie has missed more games than he has played mainly because he refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine back in 2020.

Kyrie Irving and his fiance Marlene Golden Wilkerson
Kyrie Irving and his fiancé Marlene Golden Wilkerson. (Picture Credit: Twitter)

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is no longer necessary, Kyrie has been out for something else entirely. Recently, Irving was suspended without pay after some off-court drama that stemmed from him promoting an anti-semitic film on Twitter.


Hopefully, Kyrie’s suspension is lifted soon and he can come back to being an active star in the NBA.

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