Michael Jordan is known for his many successful business ventures, but that doesn’t mean he is willing to just throw money around. One former player opened up about how the NBA icon witheld a paycheck from him for petty reasons.

Throughout his career, Michael Jordan has done countless things to help the future of the league. One of them being basketball camps during through one of his biggest sponsors in Nike.

Along with him being there, the NBA icon would have other players in the league to come and help him out with the camp. Among those who have been given the opportunity to help out is Nick Young.

Young played in the league for 12 years and suited up for multiple different franchises. One of his more notable stops is with the Golden State Warriors, where he won a championship in 2018.

While helping out at the camp one year, Young and Jordan got into a disagreement after the Hall of Famer refused to pay him.

Why did Michael Jordan refuse to pay Nick Young?
While on the “Certifited Buckets” podcast, Nick Young opened up on what happned between him and Michael Jordan. After camp one night, he and some of the others went out. When they returned, Young accidentally broke a vase that was in the house.

Because of what happened, the Chicago Bulls icon refused to pay Young and the others for the services at his camp. Instead, he just gave them a picture of him.

“So we ended up breaking it, and for our punishment, Jordan paid none of us. It was like 15 of us,” Young explained. “I thought I was going to get my check at the end. All I got was a picture. He said, ‘That’s all ya’ll get is a picture with me.”

This incident rubbed Young the wrong way, for many reasons. The first being that Jordan is known for being one of the wealithiest athletes ever.

As of this year, Jordan’s net worth is believed to be over two billion dollars. Despite having that much wealth, he refused to pay Young and others just because of one broken vase.