Unρrecedented LoyɑƖty: Fɑns Plɑn Legɑcy Ƅy BeqᴜeɑtҺιng WeɑƖth to Neyмaɾ ιn Unιqᴜe WιƖƖs

Anonymous Brazilian fan wrote a will to leave all his assets to the compatriot football star.

“My health is not good,” said the 30-year-old fan of the decision to leave the property to Neymar. “I really don’t see anyone to hand over the property to. I don’t want the Government or relatives I’m not close to to take my stuff.”

Neymar left the field when his ankle was flipped during PSG's 4-3 win over Lille on February 19.  Photo: Marca

Neymar left the field when his ankle was flipped during PSG’s 4-3 win over Lille on February 19. Photo: Marca

Anonymous fans consider Neymar to be one of the three football lovers, alongside the Brazilian team and the country’s football heritage. Fans also expressed their sympathy and admiration for the relationship between Neymar and his father, Neymar Snr. He said he tried to transfer assets to Neymar, but failed. This time, he included Neymar in a will signed at a notary’s office in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The will appeared on social networks on June 28. It received many compliments and criticisms from other fans.

Neymar super-fan, 30, leaves EVERYTHING he owns to the Brazil star in his  will | Daily Mail Online

According to Forbes , Neymar earns $85 million a year. The money comes from salary, bonuses at PSG and advertising. Neymar is one of the four highest-paid footballers in the world, alongside Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Neymar is in trouble with the Brazilian environmental police. He was accused of illegally digging a lake in his private villa and faced a $1 million fine. On June 22, police arrested Neymar Snr, but later released him.

30-year-old Brazilian fan wills property to Neymar

Neymar won 27 club titles. His peak was the treble with Barca in the 2014-2015 season. He also won two La Liga and five Ligue 1. With Brazil , Neymar is sharing the record of 77 goals with “Soccer King” Pele.

Neymar has been out of action since February 19. He broke his ankle in the match PSG beat Lille 4-3. According to French media, Man Utd wants to buy Neymar. However, the salary of the Brazilian striker is a big barrier for the English team. Man Utd is having to limit spending due to financial fair play laws.

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