Unbelievable Resilience: A Tiny Kitten’s Incredible Journey from Fighter to Feline Royalty

The kitten’s resilience at just a few days old left many people in awe. Presently, she continues to live her life to the fullest without any limitations.

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MilaOne Feline by Feline
When Mila was born, her mother didn’t make it through delivery which left her as the only survivor. One Cat At a Time’s founder, Marie, shared that Mila was then brought to the pound. At just three days old, she was extremely small and required constant care and attention. Despite being alone, Mila showed immense resilience and willpower to survive. The team at One Cat At a Time was contacted to help the little orphan and they named her Mila. She needed round-the-clock feeding, warmth, and lots of tender loving care to thrive.

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As soon as the rescue team found her, they quickly came up with a plan to keep Mila warm and comfortable. They brought an incubator and a soft sheep plushy that had a beating heart to provide her with company. Mila was quick to snuggle on top of the plushy and started kneading. Unfortunately, since she didn’t receive colostrum from her mother’s milk, she became more susceptible to illnesses.

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As Mila opened her eyes, she saw the world for the first time. She was the only one in her litter, which is unusual as kittens typically survive better when there are two of them. Nevertheless, Mila proved to be a fighter as she eagerly suckled down the formula from her bottle with immense enthusiasm. Her determination and voracious appetite showed that nothing could slow her down at mealtime, despite the odds stacked against her.

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Mila, the adorable little kitten, was resourceful. She would squirm around her bedding until she found the perfect spot to snuggle up with her mother sheep. Her fighting spirit and abilities never cease to amaze her foster family. Once her eyes opened, she became quite vocal during meal times. As soon as her tummy was full, she would blissfully snooze away on her back, covered in warm blankets. Mila lived each day with complete contentment and ease.

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Taking Care of One Kitten, Step by Step
Thanks to an incubator and the comforting presence of a sheep mother, Mila was able to thrive as a bottle-fed kitten. She received care around the clock to ensure she was well-nourished and healthy. Eventually, Mila outgrew her incubator and moved onto a larger playpen where she could explore and develop her natural feline abilities.

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At a tender age, Mila’s distinct character started to become apparent. As she explored the world of toys and cat trees, her fearless and playful nature shone through. She fearlessly engaged with any fuzzy toy in her path, giving it her all in a wrestling match. When she encountered the resident dog, she strutted around as if she were a giant, unafraid and confident. One Cat At a Time witnessed the emergence of a strong and playful personality in Mila.

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Mila’s new family was aware that she required a companion who could match her level of excitement when she was ready for the next phase in her life. They believed that taking things one step at a time was the best way forward.

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As soon as Mila, or Kimchi as she’s now called, arrived at her new abode, she made herself comfortable and easily captured everyone’s hearts, even Stella the family dog. It only took a week for the two to become inseparable playmates, cuddling and napping together all the time.

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Kimchi, formerly known as Mila, has discovered her closest companion in StellaOne Cat At a Time. Despite being a tiny orphan, she never gave up on living and has now transformed into a stunning feline who will spend the rest of her days with a loving family.

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