Cr7 – TҺe Power of RonɑƖdo’s Heɑrt: Exρloɾing Hιs Joᴜɾney of Faмιly ɑnd Coммᴜnιty

Change your life and mourn your father

At the age of 18 (in 2003), Ronaldo left his home country Portugal to come to a new land. His destination is Man United, one of the biggest forces in English and European football.

Everything changed with Ronaldo. From a salary of 2,000 euros per month at Sporting, his income when coming to MU was raised to 150,000 euros per month. That means Cristiano’s income increased 75 times.

Ronaldo next to his father when he was still alive

Quickly making an impact and becoming a star at Old Trafford, Ronaldo’s income also increased, through the times he was extended by BLD MU.

Making money fast, Ronaldo got involved in many love affairs, and many parties all night long with beautiful girls and some teammates.

But Ronaldo still has a special responsibility to his family. This is partly due to the influence of Sir Alex Ferguson, and above all, he always remembers his poverty background, as well as the difficulties he has experienced.

Most of the income in the early years at MU was transferred by Ronaldo to his family. Even so, those coins could not save his father, Jose Dinis Aveiro. On September 7, 2005, Mr. Dinis died after a long time suffering from alcoholism.

Family is all

The tragedy of the father has greatly impacted Ronaldo’s thoughts and life, even to this day.

From that tragedy, Ronaldo did more and more things for his family. To him, his mother Maria Dolores Aveiro and family are everything.

Ronaldo always does everything for his family

To date, Ronaldo has bought Mrs. Dolores a beautiful castle in the Madeira Islands. Of course, it was only a material gift, and what Ronaldo did for his mother is indescribable.

In particular, thanks to Ronaldo’s spiritual and material support, Mrs. Dolores won breast cancer a few years ago.

Over the years, Ronaldo has always spent money and time to help his brother Hugo get rid of drug addiction and rebuild his life. Now, also with the support of CR7, Hugo is running a paint company with 15 employees.

The eldest sister Elma is currently running a store of Ronaldo’s own opening in his hometown, called CR7.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United star shares moving picture of newborn girl after loss of her twin | UK News | Sky News

The older sister, Katia, was helped in a different way. Accordingly, Ronaldo hired Lady Gaga as a producer, and spent a lot of money to help Katia achieve her dream of becoming a pop singer.

Katia is active in art with the nickname Ronalda. Although not so brilliant, but at least she achieved her lifelong dream thanks to her younger brother.

A life for the community

Ronaldo always gives everything he can for his family. Not only that, he is also a person for the community.

Many people still remember the story of Ronaldo spending his own money, and standing up to donate to the tsunami victims in Indonesia in 2004. After that, he helped plant forests to prevent natural disasters.

Ronaldo often does charity activities, especially helping children

Excluding income from business and image rights, Ronaldo’s basic salary alone at Real Madrid is currently 1.5 million euros per month (equivalent to 375,000 euros/week; 50,000 euros/day; about 2,083 euros). /hour). He extracted many of these for community activities.

In 2011, Ronaldo auctioned the European Golden Shoe to build a school for Palestinian children, after the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip. CR7 has helped a lot for poor and difficult children in Palestine, so every time he has the opportunity to play in Israel, he is always “stoned”.

Many hospitals around the world have received help from Ronaldo. He often subsidizes equipment or money for hospitals, as well as cancer and critical disease treatment centers, thereby helping to save dozens of children around the world.

From his father’s past, Ronaldo has never smoked or drank alcohol (despite going to a nightclub). He always actively participates in blood donation activities, and calls for others to participate.

Ronaldo also helps boost the economy, especially tourism in the Madeira Islands. That help is shown by CR7 using his own image – currently the most valuable football player in the world – to carry out free marketing campaigns.

Nobody perfect. Ronaldo personally has many controversial issues. But above all, he is still an example for many to follow.

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