“The Internet Can’t Get Enough of This Adorable Kitten’s Sleeping Habits”

Everyone knows that cats are experts at napping since they can snooze at any moment, in any place, and in amusing poses. They usually prefer sleeping on their side or curled up like a shrimp, which is absolutely adorable. But, there are some felines who love lying on their back with their legs stretched out, almost resembling humans! Our munchkin kitty, Chata, who is orange and white calico, is particularly renowned for this.

Introducing Chata, an adorable kitten hailing from Japan. Despite being just two months old, this little feline has already become a sensation on the internet for his unique sleeping position. Chata loves to expose his round belly and tiny pink paws as he snoozes away, lying flat on his back with a contented smile on his face. It’s easy to imagine that he must be dreaming sweet and happy dreams while in this blissful state.

It’s natural to wonder how Chata manages to get up after sleeping in such a peculiar position, but since he does it frequently, it might not be as difficult as it appears. Once he awakens, he transforms into an adorable and playful kitten like any other.

Chata’s sister, Chava, is just nine months old and the two siblings have gained a huge following on Instagram with over 41,000 fans. They are both adored by their followers.

To keep up with the cute and funny actions of Chata and Chava, make sure to follow them on Instagram. You won’t want to miss any of their latest photos! Don’t hesitate to share and leave a comment with your opinions.

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