The Heartwarming Encounter of a Woman and a Deaf-Blind Street Cat Who Found Love and Care

Ceren Kiran Tatli and her spouse share a deep love for animals, frequently tending to and nourishing stray cats in their Turkish community. They are always on the lookout for opportunities to rehome these cats and help them find a better life. While exploring the vicinity in early 2015, they stumbled across an unfamiliar feline that was both deaf and blind, and it became apparent that the unfortunate street cat was in need of assistance. Despite their efforts to approach the cat, they were unsuccessful due to his exceptional escape skills. The cat was often seen scouring the streets for food and clumsily evading other cats and vehicles.

After their initial encounter, Tatli continued to search for the cat, hoping to assist him in any way possible. Despite multiple attempts to approach him, the cat was too frightened and always managed to escape. Eventually, the cat stopped appearing altogether, leaving Tatli wondering about his fate. Several months later, he reappeared, but his condition had significantly worsened, with a fractured leg and a lack of energy to fight. Tatli was amazed that he had managed to survive in such a crowded area, finding food and water while avoiding being hit by cars.

After successfully rescuing the cat, the couple treated him to a delicious meal before bringing him to the veterinarian. They chose to call him Yoda and prayed that the vet could give him the necessary aid. Despite multiple trips to the clinic and an eye being surgically removed, Yoda’s physical health was restored. However, his emotional recovery required more time and attention.

Yoda, despite having trust in his new family, was still cautious in his new environment and took time to adjust to the fact that he was safe in his new home. Having lived on the streets and always being on alert, it was understandable why Yoda was apprehensive. Tatli shared that Yoda used to explore his surroundings with great care and was always on the lookout for other cats who might attack him. The other cats in the house were also afraid of him and couldn’t figure out why he didn’t divert his path when he encountered them. Tatli humorously suggested that they must have thought of him as an alien instead of a feline.

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