The fans demanded that Ronaldo be expelled from Saudi Arabia after the defeat, Ronaldo broke down in tears and walked out onto the pitch

Cristiano Ronaldo was protested for his indecent behavior. However, Al Nassr confirmed that CR7 did so due to a groin injury.

Ronaldo có cử chỉ khiếm nhã sau thất bại của Al Nassr - Thể thao

In Al Nassr’s 2-0 loss to Al Hilal in the early morning hours of April 19 (Hanoi time), Ronaldo suddenly grabbed his crotch in a sensitive position as he was mocked by the opposing fans. This act angered the people of Saudi Arabia, especially when it appeared during the holy month of Ramadan. Therefore, the fans simultaneously called for the expulsion of CR7 from Saudi Arabia.

CR7 gây thất vọng trong trận thua của Al Nassr | VTV.VN

Faced with mounting protests, Al Nassr was forced to speak out. The owning club confirmed that Ronaldo had a “sensitive” injury in the groin area. Through journalist Muhammed Al-Enezi, Al Nassr announced: “Ronaldo is injured. The clash with Gustavo Cuéllar caused pain in Ronaldo’s sensitive area. This is confirmed information, as for the fans, they can think what they want.”

Ronaldo mờ nhạt, Al Nassr bị cựu tiền đạo MU “nhấn chìm”

This isn’t the first time Ronaldo has gotten angry after being taunted by rival fans. However, Goal said the frequency with which the anger was showing up increasingly reflected Ronaldo’s frustration as Al Nassr continually dropped points.

After sacking manager Rudi Garcia, Al Nassr entered the Riyadh derby tasked with winning if he wanted to continue the championship run. However, Ronaldo and his teammates let their opponents put under pressure after the opening whistle and lost 2-0 to Al Hilal.

Cristiano Ronaldo hears Messi's name and becomes enraged: gesture at fans -

CR7 and his teammates were winless in the second consecutive round and risked being increased to 6 points by Al Ittihad in the championship race. The former MU striker personally had a bad day.

Ronaldo only had 31 ball touches, 4 missed shots. In the only time Ronaldo had beaten goalkeeper Al Muaiouf, VAR intervened and robbed the 38-year-old of his joy for offside.

Biến sân cỏ thành võ đài, Ronaldo cay cú kẹp cổ, quật ngã đối thủ

In a collision with Gustavo Cuéllar in the 58th minute, the Portuguese superstar put his hand around his neck and then wrestled the midfielder from Hilal’s side down the pitch. The situation took place right in front of referee Michael Oliver. The “black king” immediately withdrew the yellow card from the Al Nassr captain.

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