The Adorable Feline with One Ear Who Captivated Us with its Waves and Hops

The little feline strolled around the shelter, cheerfully acknowledging everyone he encountered by twitching his single ear. He was eager for someone to spot him and give him a forever home.

Upon arrival at The Alaska Humane Society, a 9-month-old kitten named Hopper was surrendered by his previous family due to their inability to care for him. Despite being in an unfamiliar place, Hopper remained lively and sought affection from the shelter staff. After receiving the necessary medical attention, including undergoing neutering, Hopper was sent to the recovery room to rest. However, Hopper was determined to find a loving family and refused to just relax. Upon waking up, he stood on his hind legs and tried to attract the attention of anyone who walked by. Hopper’s ear deformity is suspected to be caused by an old injury, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. Instead, the unique characteristic adds to his already charming features, which he proudly displays.

Shannon Basner, the creator of KAAATs in Alaska, describes Hopper as a delightful feline with a lively spirit, elegance, and an endearing character. While he loves to play, his main objective is to show and receive love. The shelter’s employees and helpers quickly took a liking to Hopper due to his amiable personality and constant craving for attention. He is an affectionate cat who loves interacting with humans and is quite vocal about it.

At first, the plan was to wait until Hopper fully recovered before putting him up for adoption. But it seems that the charming cat had other ideas and was not keen on waiting. As luck would have it, a couple from Alaska was actively looking to adopt a new furry friend. They made an appointment to visit the shelter and meet Hopper in person. However, during their weekend visit, Hopper was taking a nap in another room.

While looking through the cats up for adoption, a stunning feline caught their eye. This cat had only one ear but made up for it with its intense desire for love and affection. After hearing about this unique cat from Arleen, a volunteer at the shelter, they decided to investigate further. On entering the back area, the cat, whose name was Hopper, immediately displayed an interest in them, and they felt a connection right away. Shannon told Love Meow that Hopper had given them a clear sign that they were meant to be together.

As soon as the couple entered the room, Hopper jumped up on his hind legs and frantically waved his paws in the air to get their attention. He didn’t want to take no for an answer and demanded affection from them. Hopper’s charming one-eared appearance and innocent-looking eyes were so captivating that the couple was quickly drawn towards him. When he extended his paws towards them, they knew that he was the ideal furry companion they had been searching for.

According to Shannon’s Love Meow interview, Hopper won everyone’s hearts the moment he showed his cute little paws. There was an instant connection between him and his new owner, who felt comfortable holding him, and the feeling was mutual. They were pleasantly surprised that Hopper didn’t need to be put on display in the adoption area.

When the couple went to the animal shelter to meet some cats, little did they know that they would be chosen by a special feline with just one ear. They were instantly drawn to the charming and adorable kitty who seemed to connect with them right away. It was clear that they had found their new furry friend and were excited to start a new adventure with him. So, Hopper would now be a part of their loving forever family.

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