Taylor Swift’s Stunning Triumph Amidst a Sea of Beauty on the American Music Awards Red Carpet


The second most famous singer in Hollywood, Taylor Swift, is increasingly beautiful and attractive when appearing on the red carpet of the 2018 American Music Awards, making all eyes turn to her.

The 2018 American Music Awards ceremony gathered familiar artists in the world’s current music market such as: Shawn Mendes, Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift… took place recently in Los Angeles (USA). The stars raced to show off their beauty on the pink carpet and Taylor Swift truly stood out the most in the “forest” of beauties.

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Taylor Swift is becoming more and more beautiful, wearing a body-hugging silver metallic dress designed by the fashion house Balmain along with a pair of toned high-necked boots.


The famous singer has a curvy body with long legs, so this outfit suits her extremely well.


Taylor immediately became the center of attention on the red carpet. In addition, she chose extremely attractive smokey eyes makeup

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Jennifer Lopez remains loyal to her bold cut-out style in a graceful pink dress


Singer Ciara with outstanding ruffled hair


Notorious singer Cardi B is underestimated for her rather unaesthetic outfit that is too flamboyant and flashy.


The main actress in “Crazy Rich Asian” is beautiful in a sparkling sequin dress and extremely adorable hairstyle


Hot boy singer Shawn Mendes is elegant in his usual suit


Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Heidi Klum shows off her “forties” beauty in an extremely sexy see-through fringed dress


British singer Dua Lipa is so gentle and surprising in her white flared dress design, this image is very different from her usual dressing style.


Once-famous Disney actress Vanessa Hudgens is feminine in a pastel pink V-neck dress

The wife of famous singer Adam Levine returned to Victoria’s Secret 2018 after two years of absence

The former Victoria’s Secret angel shared on the recent Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen program, when Behati Prinsloo said she would return to the biggest underwear show on the planet after 2 years of absence. “Do you know? I will be at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year,” she told Andy Cohen.


Behati Prinsloo announced her return to the fashion runway after two years of giving birth to handsome singer Adam Levine.


The former Victoria’s Secret angel shared on the recent Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen program when she announced she would return to this famous lingerie show.


Fans were extremely excited about this information


Even though Behati Prinsloo has given birth twice, her figure is still as slim as ever. It is known that she is being rumored to have “lip augmentation” when her lips show signs of being much different than before.


Being pregnant continuously caused Behati Prinsloo to miss the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for two consecutive years. So all the audiences will look forward to her return to the show later this year

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