Taylor Swift’s Aesthetic Zenith: Heavenly Beauty, Mannequin-Like Elegance, and Fashion’s Reigning Trailblazer


After many years of hustle and bustle in showbiz, the former “country princess” Taylor Swift has now found true joy with her family, boyfriend, cats and recording studio. Since the release and promotion of the album Evermore , Taylor has once again returned to a private life, rarely appearing at public events. Because of the long time in hiding, fans began to remember and search for the past, such as the period 2014 – 2015, when Taylor Swift was at the peak of everything: career – beauty – style.

Having a face as beautiful as an angel, and being lucky enough to have an extremely impressive height and balanced body proportions, Taylor Swift is no different from a mannequin because she looks perfect and beautiful in whatever she wears. That’s not all, at that time Taylor was also a genuine trendsetter when the “perfect set” trend she promoted was very supported!

In addition to her professional talent, these moments are the clearest answer why Taylor Swift is loved by the public as “country music princess”. Wearing a short skirt above the knee but still being a “good girl” is because Taylor knows how to choose a dress with a closed neck, or at least the gaps are very reasonable. Polka dots, gingham, medium-sized flowers… are always a guarantee of the classic style that Taylor was pursuing at that time. Combined with shoulder-length blonde hair, curled bangs, red lips and black glasses, Taylor Swift looks like a retro lady tearing up a painting.

High heels and shorts are Taylor Swift’s ultimate weapon. The all-black outfit is her rare monochrome outfit. For the rest, on each layout Taylor will highlight at least one prominent color. She is fascinated by the combination of colors and patterns and is not afraid to mix contrasting colors together. The reason you don’t feel the glare even though Taylor mixes a lot of colors is because the colors she chooses are still at a pleasant level, not harsh at all.

Also during that period, Taylor Swift created a fashion trend called “perfect set”. The reason is that she often goes down the street with eye-catching matchy-matchy outfits. They are sold in sets, and the plus point is that you can wear them as the original or separate them, freely combining them with other equally beautiful items. Looking at it, you’ll see that Taylor’s favorite set is the crop top set with a stylish flared skirt, and there’s nothing more suitable to complete the set than a pair of cute high heels.

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