Surprise with what Country Music Queen Taylor Swift eats during the week

Taylor Swift has ways to stay healthy that fit her lifestyle and is praised by many nutritionists.

Simple breakfast

Surprise with the dishes that Country Music Queen Taylor Swift eats during the week - 1


Taylor Swift has a super busy life. However, she still maintains her good breakfast habits. The singer loves to make buckwheat crepes with ham, Parmesan cheese and a fried egg on top. Taylor Swift always keeps thinly sliced ​​ham, eggs, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese in her fridge so she can prepare breakfast quickly. Enjoyed with her breakfast is a glass of orange juice at its best.

Eat healthy during the week

Surprise with the dishes that Country Music Queen Taylor Swift eats during the week - 2

While Taylor Swift’s egg, cheese, and meat breakfast may not be so healthy, she tries to stick to a healthy diet throughout her work week. The singer added salads, yogurt and bread to her diet for the week, and cut out all sugary drinks. However, the female singer also shared that she does not like to set too many unnecessary eating rules. Understanding and listening to your body is the most effective secret to staying in shape.

“Cheat day” weekend

Surprise with the dishes that Country Music Queen Taylor Swift eats during the week - 3

Cheat day is a term for a temporary break from strict dietary rules. On weekends, Taylor Swift allows herself to eat burgers and fries instead of salads, yogurt or wholemeal bread. The star also shared, she is a big fan of ice cream, so this dish often appears on the menu on Saturday or Sunday.

Taylor Swift also loves kebabs and cookies, so every weekend she swaps out the healthy treats she eats during the week for her favorites.

Drink a lot of water

Taylor Swift always carries a bottle of water with her so she can drink it whenever she wants. Water bottles are also neatly stacked at home, in the changing room because she drinks about 12 bottles of water a day.

Cook your own dinner

Surprise with the dishes that Country Music Queen Taylor Swift eats during the week - 4

Taylor Swift limits dining out as much as possible. She often prepares and cooks her own dinner at home and grilled fish with mustard is a favorite dish she often makes for herself.

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