Puppy Takes on the Role of Guardian to Every Feline Rescued at Local Shelter

The common belief is that dogs and cats are natural enemies who cannot coexist peacefully. It seems that their evolution has programmed them to always be at odds with each other. Nevertheless, a lovely dog named Raylan is challenging this idea by showing how wrong it can be. Raylan has become an internet sensation thanks to a viral video in which he lovingly cares for some adorable kittens. This heartwarming video is evidence that dogs and cats can actually form a sweet and harmonious bond.

Raylan is a foster cat parent who provides love and care to numerous cats until they find their permanent homes. The kittens he fosters were either abandoned by their owners or separated from their mothers. Sadly, there are countless animals who share the same unfortunate fate.

Thankfully, there are some wonderful furry friends such as Raylan and their caretakers who make this world a better place by providing them a loving home. The owner of Raylan rescued him from a shelter where he would have been put down due to the high number of animals. Apparently, Raylan was too high-spirited and untrained for people to consider adoption.

Throughout his nine years of life, Raylan has taken care of over 60 kittens – an impressive feat! According to his owner, Raylan helps care for the little ones by keeping them clean and tidy, which is especially important when they’re very young. Additionally, he loves to play with and carry the kittens around, providing them with plenty of love and attention. And when the mischievous little ones try to scratch the sofa, Raylan steps in to prevent any damage. Clearly, Raylan is a natural caretaker and a beloved member of his furry family.

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