“Paw-some: One Dog’s Mission to Care for Every Feline in a Shelter”

It’s a widely accepted fact that dogs and cats don’t exactly see eye to eye. Some consider them to be archenemies, and it’s not entirely unfounded. However, the world is full of surprises, and you may be surprised to learn that this is not always the case. There exist some dogs who adore cats, and the following story is an excellent example of that. This particular dog loves cats so much that he treats rescue kittens like they’re his own little babies. He plays with them, cuddles with them, and even bathes them. When his owner realized just how much he adored cats, he saw this as an opportunity to comfort rescued kittens who were brought into their cat shelter. Follow this adorable animal on Instagram for more heartwarming pictures and videos.

According to Raylan’s owner, the dog is highly intelligent and always willing to join in on new experiences. Interestingly, Raylan demonstrated his affection for cats after his owner brought home their first foster kitten, Watson, six years ago. Despite being three years old at the time, Raylan showed a keen interest in playing with the kitten and was very gentle and patient with him. Nowadays, Watson lives nearby, and Raylan and he are frequent companions.

With an impressive following of over 25,000 on Instagram, Raylan_the_dog is a popular pup. Described as a purebred mutt, he loves nothing more than getting beer for those he loves, going on road trips, and snuggling with his foster kittens. According to his owner, Raylan’s journey began when he was adopted from a high-kill shelter where he was at risk of being euthanized. Despite his high energy and lack of training, Raylan’s new family saw the loveable potential in him that others had overlooked.

Throughout his nine years of existence, Raylan has taken care of more than 60 kittens. It’s quite a responsibility to have such a large brood! According to his owner, Raylan is an excellent caretaker of the kittens, constantly cleaning them (which is particularly beneficial when they’re newborns), spending time playing with them, and carrying them around. He also keeps them from scratching up the furniture.

In a heartwarming video that quickly gained popularity online, we see Raylan, a friendly dog, being approached by two adorable kittens who then cuddle up to him. The comment section was filled with affection and hopes for the felines’ futures. According to Raylan’s owner, this is not the first time he has displayed such kindness and it is surprising that he hadn’t received attention earlier.

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