New Mother Drove 18 Hours To Adopt Wheelchair-Bound Dog

Life can be hard for dogs with special needs, especially if they’re shelter dogs. The sad truth is that many people pass over dogs with disabilities, making it hard for them to find a forever home.

But now, one special needs dog has finally been adopted

Paws 4 the Cause, in Lexington, Kentucky, takes in many dogs and cats to help them find homes, including pets with special needs. But they knew they had a very special case with a puppy named Emmerson.

Emmerson was born with a number of birth defects, including spina bifida, hip dysplasia and deformed knee joints in her legs. She cannot use her back legs to walk, and will require a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

According to a Facebook post, everyone told Emmerson’s original owner to “put her down,” but thankfully the sweet pup was given a second chance.

“Looking in this little pup’s eyes, she said she wanted to live,” Paws 4 the Cause wrote on Facebook. “Emerson pulled at everyone’s heart strings from the minute we saw her sweet angel face.”

Despite her special needs, her friends at the rescue soon recognized a fierce determination in the pup to not let anything slow her down.

“When she came in, and we met her, we noticed she’s a very special puppy, and she so much wanted to live and was not allowing her disability to hinder her in any way,” Paws 4 the Cause General Manager Anita Spreitzer told WKYT.

Emmerson was placed in a foster home, who has encouraged her “to be as normal as she can.” While only a few months old, she’s already outgrown two wheelchairs, which the rescue has paid for through donations.

While she made strides in foster care, Paws 4 the Cause knew the next challenge would be finding the right forever home for Emmerson. Last month, they shared a post on Facebook about Emmerson’s “Christmas wish” to be adopted.

“Emerson’s Christmas wish is that there is a special family out there to let her be a part of, and love her in every way. We know there is a place in this world for her, and someone or a family to give her their hearts.”

It can sometimes be a challenge to find a special needs dog a home — you need to find a family willing to care for a differently-abled dog for life. But thankfully, it wasn’t long before Emmerson was adopted.

On January 14, Paws 4 the Cause shared the news that they had “prayed for”: Emmerson had found her forever home. “Her momma drove over 9 hours one way to meet her, and 9 hours back,” the rescue wrote.

The rescue described it as a “very emotional day” where “many tears” were shed, but they are thrilled Emmerson has found a home and will continue to life her best life.

“She is an amazing special soul for sure, and we all know in our hearts she is going to show the world nothing can stop her. Have an amazing life Emmerson, we love you to the moon and back.”

In addition, the rescue wrote that supporters have donated to her care, including three wheelchairs: one new set of wheels, and two sizes up that she can grow into.

“It all went with her to give her a great start to her new life,” Paws 4 the Cause wrote.

We’re so glad Emmerson has been adopted! This puppy isn’t letting anything hold her back.

It’s a story that shows that there is a perfect home out there for every dog. Please share this heartwarming news!

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