Michael Jordan was a formidable opponent for anyone who went up against him. Known for his ‘killer’ mindset and obsession with winning, Jordan was considered to be pretty intimidating by his peers. His Airness was feared by his own teammates as well because of his tenacity to push everyone to their limits and bring the best out of them. Despite being a tough guy on the court, Mariah Carey’s performance during his final All-Star Game in 2003 touched the Chicago Bulls legend deeply. So much so that in the middle of the exhibition game, the 6-feet-6 shooting guard started tearing up.

Following the conclusion of the 2002-2003 season, Jordan decided to hang up his boots for the third and final time. Having already been selected to 13 All-Star Games before, MJ was well accustomed to playing the elite scrimmage. However, the 2003 ASG was extremely emotional for him, considering that he was lacing up for the event for the last time ever.

It was even more iconic because Vince Carter showed his reverence for the Bulls legend by handing him his starting spot. But nothing could’ve topped the moments prior to the beginning of the second-half, when Carey’s tribute to the five-time NBA Most Valuable Player rendered him emotional.

Michael Jordan teared up after hearing Mariah Carey’s “Hero” as a tribute
During halftime of the 2003 All-Star Game, Carey took on the center stage. Wearing a Michael Jordan-Washington Wizards top, the pop star dedicated her halftime set to the soon-to-retire legend.

Carey’s performance left everyone in awe, especially Jordan. As she sang her “Hero”, Jordan’s eyes could be seen shining like stars, slowly welling up. For someone who was known to be cold-blooded his entire career, it was good to see the Black Cat let his emotions out for a change.

Indeed, it was a beautiful performance by the Grammy-winning artist.

As for Jordan, he put on a pretty respectable display in game as well. Yes, he did miss quite a few shots but managed to finish the night with 20 points and an iconic matchup against Kobe Bryant.

Jordan became an overnight meme after his Hall-Of-Fame speech
This wouldn’t be the only time MJ cried on national television. Several years after his retirement, Jordan would become an overnight meme after being unable to control his emotions during his Hall-Of-Fame enshrinement speech.

The speech involved several jokes and hilarious anecdotes from his illustrious career. However, the sheer gravity of the incident prompted His Airness to tear up.

Of course, it was an emotional night for the six-time champion. However, fans have always remembered the speech for the iconic “Michael Jordan crying meme” that it produced. In fact, Jordan would even joke about the meme while crying publicly once again during Kobe Bryant’s Memorial in 2020.