The NBA world was left in shock after witnessing Jimmy Butler‘s heartbreaking downfall during the final match. This has led to a storm of reactions on social media, with sports commentator Skip Bayless taking a jab at Michael Jordan, the billionaire owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

This isn’t the first time Bayless has been involved in a feud with players, as his comments have a history of stirring up controversy.

It was an intense NBA Finals match

In a highly anticipated NBA Finals match, the basketball world witnessed an unexpected turn of events as Jimmy Butler, a key player for the Miami Heat, faced a series of struggles on the court. Despite his significant contributions throughout the season and his role in leading the Heat to the NBA Finals in 2020, Butler seemed to crumble under the pressure, resulting in missed shots and turnovers. Ultimately, the Miami Heat lost the game to the Denver Nuggets, who claimed their first-ever NBA championship.

The aftermath of this event has triggered a storm of reactions on social media, including a contentious tweet from sports commentator Skip Bayless, who dragged in Michael Jordan. Bayless wrote, “Somewhere, Michael Jordan is rolling his eyes.” Known for his history of stirring up controversy with his comments, Bayless has once again found himself in a feud with fans.

Controversy surrounding Jordan and Butler’s relationship resurfaces

This recent incident resurfaced long-standing rumors. In the past, there have been theories suggesting that Butler might be Jordan’s son, fueled by their similar playing styles and physical resemblance. While these rumors have been debunked, the relationship between the two players remains a topic of interest for many fans.

Jordan and Butler’s connection primarily stems from their shared association with the Jordan Brand. Butler, a loyal supporter of the brand, has often been seen wearing Jordan’s signature sneakers on the court. The two have also been spotted together at various events.

As the NBA community continues to dissect the events of the last match, one thing is clear: the fallout from Butler’s downfall has reached far beyond the court, with Bayless’s tweet adding fuel to the fire. Whether the billionaire Hornets owner was indeed “rolling his eyes” remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the world of basketball will be watching closely.