Many of the world’s leading celebrities have been visiting Malaga and the surrounding area on the Costa del Sol, including Michael Jordan.

The NBA legend has been spending a few days in Malaga, enjoying a luxury hotel, good food, walks on the beach and lots of golf.

Always accompanied by members of his entourage, Jordan has also been spotted in Marbella, another of the most luxurious and glamorous places in Spain.

He has been staying at the Marbella Club, a luxury resort in one of the most important and exclusive areas of the town.

One of his main activities has been to taste the dishes of La Milla Marbella, a luxury beach bar run by Javier Ruiz, recent winner of the ‘Cocinando el Mar’ contest.

Michael Jordan has been playing a lot of golf
It is well-known that golf is one of Jordan’s passions, and the former Chicago Bulls star has been seen at various courses around Malaga.

He is also known for his love of cigars and has been spotted smoking during his walks with his current partner, the Cuban Yvette Prieto.

The lucky ones who have been able to talk to him have commented on his good spirits and his friendliness in responding to requests for photos.

This is not the first time that Jordan has visited this part of Spain, and he has even told those he has met that he hopes to be back soon.