Michael Jordan is one of the NBA’s greatest-ever players, if not the GOAT. But like most of the legends in the game, he doesn’t have a successor in the league. However, that could have been a different story if Larry Jordan’s son, Justin Jordan, who looked more like the Bulls guard on the hardwood than his two (Marcus and Jeffrey) cousins did, made the right use of his basketball genes.

The 28-year-old who is now a scout for the Charlotte Hornets, was a 6ft 3’ guard, who missed out his uncle, MJ’s (6ft 6’), physical attributes but showed some of his skills on the court.

However, much like his cousins, the UNC Greensboro Spartan guard struggled to make it past NCAA Division I even after showing some glimpses of his uncle in his game.

Michael Jordan could have had a nephew, if not his sons, playing in the NBA
Justin Jordan’s recruitment profile on NCSA Sports reads, “I am an extremely high work ethic,” and also that he has “the ability to score off the dribble and off the catch.”

You can see him doing the latter in the following clip where he is seen pulling up from the perimeter and converting some good looks and also dropping a defender with a pull-up jumper as Mike witnesses it from the stands.

By the looks of it, he had the skills to become a decent role-playing guard at an elite level. However, he might have lacked a bit on the work ethic part because he never averaged more than 5 points, 2 rebounds, and an assist in his 4-year college career.

The successors of legendary athletes generally don’t have it in them
Like in any other sport, NBA greats too seldom have a successor to continue their legacy on the grandest stage for basketball. The same was the case for Michael Jordan, whose sons Jeffery and Marcus Jordan could not make it past college basketball.

However, it might be different for LeBron James. The Lakers’ superstar has two sons on their way to the NBA.

18-year-old Bronny James, who just joined USC, looks to have the skills and work ethic to be more than a role-playing guard in the NBA. And 15 y/o Bryce Maximus James is already showing signs of having more of his dad’s physique, skills, and athleticism.

With their father still going strong at 38, there is a chance of at least Bronny playing with him in the NBA. Don’t be surprised if you see all 3 of them play together in The King’s last year.