Messi’s 3 sons: Seeing his father cry, his son “smiled like a good season”, bluntly criticized the bad kick champion, idol CR7 and Mbappe despite

Messi is loved by millions of people around the world, but rarely gets the support of his 3 “monstrous” children.

Antonella and Messi are a beautiful couple in the world football village. Together they wrote a wonderful fairy tale for their love.

Their love story began in 1996, when Messi was 9 years old and was a promising young player at Oldel’s Old Boys.

At that time, Antonella was only eight years old, the daughter of a rich family and his neighbor living on the same street. Thanks to Antonella’s cousin, the couple met.

In 2012, the couple welcomed the birth of their first child, Thiago. Three years later, they welcomed their second son Mateo and a year later their son Ciro was born.

Son is Messi’s “hard anti-fan”

In 2021, Lionel Messi held a press conference at Camp Nou, to say goodbye to Barcelona and its fans.

As soon as he entered the auditorium, the Argentine superstar could not contain his emotions and burst into tears. In the midst of that emotional scene, the camera accidentally captured an “expensive” moment from Messi’s family. While M10 was wiping away tears that flowed non-stop, his youngest son Ciro was sitting on the bottom shaking his thighs, looking around and smiling triumphantly.

In the same year, Messi won the 7th time won the prestigious Golden Ball title. When asked “how did your father play at the last Copa America”, Mateo did not hesitate to answer “Very bad”.

Mateo often gives his father a headache. Photo: BIEN

Despite having a father who is a soccer superstar who is admired by millions, the eldest Thiago is a “hard fan” of Cristiano Ronaldo – an opponent who does not wait for his father’s death. In addition, this boy also idolizes many other players such as Kylian Mbappe, Neymar or Luis Suarez.

“The boy asked a lot about Luis Suarez – our close friend, about Antoine Griezmann or Arturo Vidal since the first day he saw his impressive hair. In addition, Thiago is also a fan of Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo and even Neymar too. Thiago loves to ask about them,” Messi said.

Whenever Messi did not play well or Barca lost a match, the eldest and second brother would tease and criticize the famous father. Mateo is known as a genuine anti-fan of the Catalan team.

In a match between Barca and Real Betis, M10 suffered an injury so he could not play, but watched with his family in the stands. When the opponent scored against Barca, the boy was extremely happy, cheering with excitement, despite his father and his colleagues were extremely disappointed.

Most recently, when the 35-year-old soccer star and his teammates won the 2022 World Cup, the picture of Mateo Messi “fainting” in the stands was spread by the online community at a dizzying speed.

Dad is a world champion but I don’t want to follow in the footsteps

In 2016, Messi made revelations about his private life. Accordingly, the son near hiago, even though he still watches his father explode on the field every week, still has not much inspiration for the king sport.

“I don’t usually buy the ball home or make Thiago play because he doesn’t seem to enjoy it,” Messi said.

Messi's 3 sons: Seeing his father cry, his son 'laughs like a season', bluntly criticized the bad kick champion, idol CR7 and Mbappe despite - Photo 2.

M10 gives you the freedom to do what you like. Photo: Sport

Messi once revealed that he wanted his son to follow in the footsteps of the digital shorts and planned to register his first son Thiago to train in the PSG U.10 team, while Mateo joined the U.7 team. However, Messi absolutely does not force the children to practice every day, but only creates the best conditions for them to develop their talents, as well as for them to decide their own career in the future.

Although he really wanted his children to follow his profession, Messi never imposed or forced his three sons into a certain framework. He always wants his children to develop instinctively, to promote the inherent abilities of a child. Because of that, it is rare to see M10 share photos or videos of sports training with his son, instead, fans always see the family of the Barcelona striker happy together.

Passionate about ‘cà khà’ but also very emotional at times

Although often teasing their father, Messi’s children still have special affection for the “hero”. At the 2022 World Cup, 3 boys and their mother were present at the field to cheer Messi and his teammates right from the first matches. The image of 4 mother and daughter appearing on the stage received much love from fans.

In Argentina’s 1-2 reverse defeat against Saudi Arabia on November 21, young Mateo also caught attention when he burst into tears. Messi shared after Argentina’s victory over Mexico, on November 27: “After the first match, Mateo left the field with tears in his eyes. Thiago calculated and explained to him that if we win the remaining two matches, we will enter the next game. ring in”.

A letter from “old man”. Photo: Antonella Roccuzzo

Most especially, before the historic final, Messi’s wife posted a handwritten letter from Thiago Messi.

In the letter, Thiago wrote: “I was born in Argentina, the land of Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. I will never forget the finals we lost. I cried so much over the years. But The pain in the Maracana is over, the Argentina team won the Copa America after beating Brazil.

Now we are hungry to win again. The Argentina team wants to be the world champion. We can see Maradona from heaven. He’s always cheering for Messi.”

The impressive move of the Messi family received a lot of compliments from the online community. Many people share the same comment that Thiago is very warm and mature.

It can be said that the 3 sons of the Messi family have been educated very carefully. Thanks to that, the boys received special love from fans around the world.

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