Meeting the Furry Trader: A Decade of Expertise

Introducing Bobo, the hardworking owner of a shop in Chinatown, New York. He has been tirelessly serving customers for over a decade and is rewarded with a comfortable place to live. Despite his long years of service, Bobo has never taken a break from work and always greets customers with a warm welcome. When he’s not attending to clients, Bobo can be found lounging on his scratcher and gazing out the windows.
Liao, who joined the team in 2014, takes care of Bobo and admits that the feline is her biggest competition at work. Bobo’s calm and friendly demeanor endears him to customers, making him a valuable member of the team. Take a look at some pictures of Bobo on duty and appreciate his dedication to his job. Customers love him, and it’s easy to see why – Bobo is an excellent employee! And in exchange for his hard work, Bobo gets a cozy home to call his own.

For the past ten years, Bobo the cat has been an employee at a store and has diligently carried out his duties.

You can easily spot him at the store as he enjoys hanging out near the entrance, always with a cheerful smile on his face to greet and assist any customers who walk in.

He is committed to his job and tackles it with a serious attitude.

His colleagues see him as a strong rival in the field.

Accompanied by a soft purr, the feline leads guests on a delightful excursion.

“Hi there, he’s such a wonderfully kind person.”

Uncover his recent activities by taking a peek at his Instagram account.

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