Lonely Kitten Finds Comfort in Humans After Being Abandoned Outside

A baby cat that was born in the great outdoors, learned to depend on her human companions for comfort and security, as she never wanted to be lonely again.

calico kitten

Uno, a diluted calico feline, was born outside to a feral cat. Due to being separated from her mother too early, she was left neglected and in dire need of rescue. Fortunately, Be Their Voice Animal Rescue, located in Atlanta, GA, came to her aid. Marlena, the founder of the organization, was informed of Uno’s situation and promptly took action. Marlena recalled, “I picked her up that night. She was around five weeks old based on her teeth and physical features. She only weighed 0.8 pounds, where she should’ve weighed 1.25 pounds.” The kitten was in a pitiful state; she was all skin and bones, covered in dirt, and severely malnourished.

tiny shoulder calico kitten

Be Their Voice Animal Rescue shared a heartwarming story of rescuing a little furball. The team immediately rushed to their rescue home to get supplies to feed the kitten. During the journey, the rescued kitten suckled on the hand of one of the team members. They provided 30 ounces of kitten formula within the first 20 minutes of the rescue and continued to bottle-feed her every four hours. It was evident that the kitten craved a constant companion, and the team readily provided one.

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The animal rescue organization, Be Their Voice, has a furry friend named Uno who makes her presence known when left alone for a short period of time. She lets out a loud scream and when her humans return, she tries to climb up their legs using her small claws. Her size doesn’t stop her from having a strong purring ability.

kitten climbing legs

When it comes to rescuing animals, Be Their Voice is a reliable source. It’s best for kittens to stay with their mother because they have the highest chance of survival. However, there are certain situations when intervention is required, such as if they are injured or visibly ill. Fortunately, Uno, a kitten, was rescued thanks to a Good Samaritan who sought help.

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It’s heartwarming to see how Uno, a calico cat, found comfort in her foster parents’ embrace. Despite having plenty of cat beds available, Uno preferred snuggling up on her humans’ shoulders, chest, or arms. She even had an endearing habit of suckling on her foster mom’s ears or face and clinging to her after every meal. With the love and care provided by her foster family, Uno was able to sleep soundly and feel safe.

snuggly shoulder kitten

At the Be Their Voice Animal Rescue, Uno was a constant companion to her humans. She would frequently trail them wherever they went, always eager to be held and cuddled like a baby. Whenever she was lifted up, she would instantly relax and doze off contentedly. Uno was a lovable pet who craved attention and affection, and she relished being pampered and cared for.

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The animal rescue group called Be Their Voice had a cat that they rescued and took care of. The cat had trouble eating at first, but eventually learned to eat from a dish like a normal cat. She was also able to overcome her stomach issues and started growing at a faster rate. As she got healthier, her energy level also increased.

shoulder kitten uno

Be Their Voice Animal Rescue witnessed Uno’s remarkable wrestling skills with toys that were twice her size. Her fearlessness and adventurous spirit were evident in the way she tackled challenges. She would hop around the room with such energy that made it seem like she had springs under her feet. Overall, Uno was a confident and brave pup who never backed down from any task thrown at her.

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The Animal Rescue organization known as “Be Their Voice” had a kitten named Uno who needed help socializing. So, she was introduced to other foster kittens to overcome her single-kitten syndrome. Luckily, she quickly formed a close friendship with Tess the tabby. They became inseparable and even acted like they were siblings. This experience taught Uno about boundaries and she appreciated every moment spent cuddling with Tess and her other furry friends. However, her bond with Tess remained the strongest and cutest of them all.

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Uno and TessBe found their forever home together during the adoption process. Later on, they extended their family by welcoming a third kitten named Bessie, who also came from the same animal rescue as them.

cat buddies

Uno and BessieBe Their Voice Animal Rescue are a team dedicated to rescuing and advocating for animals. According to Uno’s adoptive mother, Uno is nothing less than royalty – always the first to eat, always in charge. Although she used to be a follower, she has now become a confident leader. Uno still enjoys suckling, but her human family now provides her with a soft blanket.

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Uno has matured into a strong and resilient individual. According to Be Their Voice Animal Rescue, she has always been a feisty survivor and her determination to live is truly remarkable. Marlena, who rescued her, feels lucky to have been part of Uno’s journey.

cats in cat tree

Uno along with her close companions Tess and BessieBe are advocating for animal rescue under the banner of Be Their Voice Animal Rescue. Spread the word about Marlena’s endeavors in rescuing animals, and follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram @fostercatsfordays.

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