We usually think of Kyrie Irving’s craft as ball-handling, and properly so, as nobody can string crossovers, spins and hesitations together like he can. With that said, the Celtics star is proving to be every bit as multi-faceted outside of sport.

Not only is Irving starring in the upcoming Uncle Drew film as its titular character, but he also makes an appearance in its official soundtrack. His first foray into the R&B world came today, with his single “Ridiculous.”

This is… not bad! There’s usually some reasonable doubt to be had whenever basketball players cross over into music, if history is any indication, but Irving has the pipes.

Basketball fans missed Irving in the playoffs, when he sat out with a knee surgery, but the Celtics were in ridiculous form themselves by taking the Cleveland Cavaliers to a Game 7 in the Conference Finals. They can, however, see Irving take to the court as Uncle Drew when the film drops on June 29.

(H/T YouTube/UncleDrewVEVO)