“Lilo the Kitten Finds Forever Home and Best Friend Despite Unique Appearance”

Although Lilo the kitten’s ears remained big, she was able to experience a new life with her closest companion.

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OhanaKittens, also known as Clock and Hickory, are a pair of feline siblings that were rescued by Jen, a volunteer at Wrenn Rescues. She discovered a post about a litter of kittens in need of foster care with their mother at a nearby shelter. Despite no one stepping up to help, Jen decided to offer her assistance. To her surprise, the kittens were severely malnourished and underweight upon arrival. Additionally, they were all struggling with upper respiratory infections, with the runt of the litter being only half the size of its siblings. While the mother and larger kittens began to recover, the smallest kitten required constant around-the-clock care, including being fed through a syringe.

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Clock, also known as Lilo, was saved from Devores Shelter Cats together with her litter of cats. The rescuer was surprised that Lilo was still alive when she arrived at the shelter, but they were able to nurse her back to health. Despite her young age of eight weeks, Clock was severely malnourished and only weighed as much as a 3-week-old kitten. Additionally, she had distinctive features such as big ears and an overbite.

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Despite being smaller than her siblings, Clock displayed a remarkable determination to survive. Jen, the caregiver of Jen Foster’s Kittens, provided the kitten with round-the-clock medical attention and nourishment through a syringe. After a day and a half, Clock’s strength improved, and she began to nibble on toys. Jen then placed a bowl of food in front of the kitten, hoping for the best. To Jen’s delight, Clock eagerly dove into the food, indicating that she was on the road to recovery.

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Jen’s account, @jenfosterskittens, revealed that Clock’s URI symptoms had greatly improved thanks to the medical attention, nutritious food, and abundant tender love and care she received. The once frail feline began to gain weight and exude her unique personality, prompting a strong bond with her sister Hickory to emerge. Despite being the runt of the litter, Clock was a feisty little thing who kept her kin on their toes; she was not one to shy away from seeking affection and cuddles. “Clock can definitely stand her ground,” Jen observed.

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Jen, who runs the account @jenfosterskittens, shared an update on Clock’s progress. According to Jen, Clock has started eating on her own and her energy level has significantly increased. Clock was eventually ready for adoption along with her best friend, and they both found a loving family to call their own. Anne, who stumbled upon a video of Clock on Instagram, felt an instant connection with the kitten and knew she had to make her a part of her family. She expressed her love for Clock on Instagram, saying that she felt compelled to give the kitten a forever home.

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Jen, known as @jenfosterskittens on social media, rescued a tiny and ill kitten along with her mother and siblings. Thanks to Jen’s efforts, the little girl and her family were saved from a dire situation. Another individual named Anne was so touched by the bond between two of the kittens, Clock and Hickory, that she decided to adopt both of them. It turns out that Jen’s observation about their strong friendship was accurate, as Clock and Hickory are inseparable.

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Clock and Hickory, who are now known as Lilo and Nani, have a close bond and were adopted into their forever home. On their first day, the sisters hid under the bed but eventually came out and grew comfortable with their new mom as a duo. Lilo can be seen in an adorable video. The pair quickly made themselves at home by taking over the house and claiming all the soft spots they could find. Nowadays, they enjoy snuggling together on their mom’s lap, sharing a big bed, and using shoe boxes as their designated nap spots.

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Jen, who goes by the username @jenfosterskittens, shared a delightful update about Lilo, a curious feline who has a penchant for examining Anne’s meals. Lilo would often gaze at Anne’s plate with great focus, her big eyes fixed intently on the food. She would even perk up her ears to catch a whiff of the delicious aromas coming from the dish.

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Ohanakittens’ Lilo has the habit of examining her mom’s food every time. The cheerful kid is enjoying her life to the fullest with her closest companion. They spend their days cuddling, basking in the coziness, and affection.

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Spread the word about the heartwarming tale of Lilo and Nani, two adorable kittens who are full of joy and affection as part of their loving family. Follow their exciting escapades on Instagram by checking out @ohanakittens. Additionally, you can discover more about Jen’s nurturing work with kittens by visiting her Instagram page @jenfosterskittens.

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