Kyrie Irving’s Family Connection: Discovering His Roots in Ghana and Giving Back with a $45K Donation

Dallas Mavericks star, Kyrie Irving has made an interesting revelation about his charity works in Africa, specifically Ghana and Nigeria.

The former NBA champion is reported to have donated $45,000 to children in Ghana and Nigeria as part of his philanthropic work.

Irving, known for his charitable works, also disclosed he has family in Ghana and that motivates him to help the people of the West African nation.

Kyrie Irving, Ghana, Dallas Mavericks, Donation
NBA star Kyrie Irving has revealed having family in Ghana. Credit: @dallasmavs Getty Images
Source: Twitter

“There’s so much going on in our world, I just try to do little acts of kindness every single day,” he said after being asked about his donation.

Kevin Durant gets emotional while talking about his spell with Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant gets emotional while talking about his spell with Brooklyn Nets

“There is so much going on and at times it could be confusing and emotional especially growing up as a melanin man,” he added.

“Over in Accra, Ghana, I have brothers and sisters who live there and I have helped. My other young kings who is in New Jersey is from one of the tribes over there and I have uncles who have gone there and been initiated into the tribes so it’s more of a family atmosphere there.”

Irving posted 42 points as Dallas Mavericks beat the Philadelphia 76ers last night.

The ex-Celtics star joined Mavericks in February after leaving the Brooklyn Nets.

Irving and Doncic combine for 82 points

Sports Brief earlier reported that the Dallas Mavericks All-Star duo of Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic combined to score 82 points as the Western Conference side defeated the Philadelphia 76ers.

Kevin Durant aims subtle jibe at Kyrie Irving for leaving the Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant aims subtle jibe at Kyrie Irving for leaving the Brooklyn Nets


Doncic and Irving delivered spectacular performances on Thursday night, leading the Mavs to a 133-126 win over the Philadelphia 76ers.

The All-Star duo combined for 82 points to help the Mavs snap their two-game losing streak.

Irving to face Durant in Mavericks-Suns clash

Weeks after leaving the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving face each other on Sunday in a mouth-watering showdown between the Dallas Mavericks and the Phoenix Suns.

Irving requested a trade from the Nets days before the trade deadline, then Durant followed suit days later. They were both moved in blockbuster trades before the February 9th trade deadline.

Irving’s spell with the Mavericks started well but went downhill for a few games. However, Irving and Doncic delivered their first big win together, an important 133-126 win over the Philadelphia 76ers. Irving dropped 40 points, while Doncic scored 42, per ESPN.

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