There is probably no professional athlete alive who has talked as much trash to their opponents as Timberwolves and Celtics legend, Kevin Garnett. You might have heard the 6ft 11’ forward talking smack to even the likes of Michael Jordan when he was still in his rookie year; while MJ was a 3-time champion. But a former teammate of his recently revealed a story about ‘The Big Ticket’ giving it back to a 9-year-old kid on a Call of Duty lobby. Unbelievable.

Garnett was that guy. He didn’t become one all of a sudden like say, a Dillon Brooks. Since, he came into the league as a 19-year-old, who skipped college for the 1995 Draft, he has talked non-stop on the court. All the way until he retired in 2016.

Yes, the 15x All-Star had the energy to do it for 21 years. And even off-the-court he was practically the same person.

Karl-Anthony Towns reveals a story about when Kevin Garnett trash-talked a 9-year-old
In his recent appearance on Podcast P with Paul George, Karl-Anthony Towns talked about what it was like to play his rookie year in one of the greatest Big Man’s teams.

KAT revealed a lot of things he learned from KG and also talked about his trash-talking skills as a 40-year-old. The whole podcast crew found the bit hysterical where Garnett would go off on a 9-year-old kid on a Call of Duty lobby. As hilarious and as petty as that sounds, it is true. Just take a look at KAT tell the tale in this video:

Sadly, Towns wasn’t a streamer back then, otherwise, the NBA community would have a clip to watch again and again to laugh at, for a lifetime.

KG destroyed his opponents with both his game and the talk, but sometimes the latter backfired
Coming from an era of showmen and a lot of legends to compete against and going through a lot of losses, a lean-built Garnett found solace in thrashing his opponents. Both on the board and then with his mouth to destroy egos. Winning individual honors and a championship, aside he utilized his greatest asset thoroughly well.

It did help him in dominating his opponents mentally, but sometimes it backfired, and it was not just him who paid the price, but his teams too.

In those 21 years, he asserted himself as one of the greatest power forwards to ever play the game. The man was relentless on the offensive side of the ball game, and it was very difficult to go through when he was guarding the opponent. Irrespective of who he was covering, Garnett was a problem.