Jalen Green had an amazing story about meeting Michael Jordan for the first time.

Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is fiercely protective of the brands he endorses. Especially of the one named after him—the Jordan Brand. Apparently, the Houston Rockets’ promising wingman Jalen Green was not aware of this and got an experience he would never forget.

Attended Jordan’s Camp as a kid
As a highly-touted high-school prospect, Green got the rare chance to attend the Michael Jordan Camp in San Diego. Appearing on the podcast hosted by Paul George, Green shared the story of how His Airness approached him and asked him to take his Adidas slides off.

“I was young. Like, a kid. I went to Michael Jordan camp in San Diego. I’m walking to practice from the dorm, and I got like high socks on up to my knees, baggy shorts. Like, my swag was terrible. I got Adidas slides on, and he just walked over to me and was like, ‘You need to take them weak-ass Adidas slides off,’” Green said.

“I look[ed] back like, ‘What you mean?’ [He was] like, ‘You need to get some Jordan slides.’ I said, ‘Give me some.’ So he brought me some Jordan slides,” Green added.

Loyal to the bone
Ever since Jordan signed with Nike in 1984, he has been a loyal partner, even going as far as covering up the Reebok logo from the jackets he had on during the gold-medal awarding ceremony at the Barcelona Olympics.

As for Green, while he switched slides back then, he solidified his affinity for the Three Stripes by signing an endorsement deal with Adidas in 2021.