During a refreshing and open discussion on a popular podcast, Scottie Pippen delved into intriguing details of his time with the Chicago Bulls, revealing a side that has remained hidden from the public eye. Pippen, with utmost honesty, shared his personal journey within the team, focusing particularly on his reflections about his ex-teammate, the legendary Michael Jordan.

Pip, known for his incredible athleticism and defensive prowess, has an illustrious history with the Bulls, winning six championships together with MJ. The 7x All-Star’s contributions to Chicago were undeniably memorable, from his iconic dunk over Patrick Ewing to his passionate outbursts.

Scottie’s Pipe Bomb on Michael Jordan

Though respectful of Jordan’s talents, Pippen expressed a desire for his teammates to receive more recognition. He emphasized that their achievements were not solely because of one individual, including Jordan. Pippen believed that the team’s success was a collective effort, requiring dedication and a shared goal to win championships. Further disclosing that players often found it disheartening to be subjected to Jordan’s criticism, as not many would want to be belittled or ridiculed.

While discussing the Bulls’ historic victories against formidable opponents like the Lakers and the Trail Blazers, Pippen expressed his frustration with how the documentary series “The Last Dance” portrayed the team’s accomplishments. He felt that the narrative had been skewed to focus solely on Jordan’s heroic moments, overshadowing the collective efforts of the entire team

On Stacey King’s Gimme The Hot Sauce Podcast, he emphasized that there was much more to their success than meets the eye. He commented on the documentary “The Last Dance” saying, “I think the documentary told a lot more and you couldn’t hide it because it’s all on video“.

In Pippen’s eyes, the documentary highlighted an important aspect: the strained relationships between teammates and Jordan’s critical nature. Pippen suggested that there were players who didn’t particularly like Jordan, and the series inadvertently revealed this dynamic. Reflecting on his early years with the Bulls, Pippen highlighted the mindset and ambition shared by his fellow teammates.

The drive of the Bulls dynasty

Players like Will Purdue, BJ Armstrong, and Stever Kerr, among others, joined the team with a clear objective: to win championships. Pippen admired their commitment and acknowledged that their contributions might not have stood out individually, but as a team, they pushed each other to excel.

Scottie Pippen’s recent interview provides a fresh perspective on the Bulls’ golden era and the complex dynamics within the team. As Pippen aptly put it, “It’s all on video,” and the footage reveals a story that goes beyond the surface, reminding us that no achievement is truly accomplished alone. But with all said and done Bulls and Michael Jordan achieved greatness and won 6 rings together. That is something special.