The league has just welcomed some of the most talented youngsters in this year’s draft. These young athletes were waiting to get a chance to show their talent and they’ve just got their dreams fulfilled. Although the journey from here is going to be long and full of challenges, the Charlotte Hornets‘ latest recruit is already making headlines.

Michael Jordan‘s new protege is one to look forward to, especially going by the confidence he is showing. In fact, the Hornets’ choice of going for the 20-year-old instead of Scoot Henderson was heavily criticized by the fans. Now it is up to the youngster to prove everyone wrong, and he is already off to a good start.

Michael Jordan’s protege makes bold claims for the Hornets’ future

The Chicago Bulls legend recently shocked the world with the sale of his franchise. The record-breaking deal is touted to be one of the most beneficial deals in the league’s history. However, as per several reports, the 6x NBA champion will retain a minority stake in the franchise and will also oversee operations for some time.

Apart from financial success, the 60-year-old is one of the most decorated athletes of all time. So, what can you expect from a protege of such a great man? Confidence, excellence, and the ability to perform when the stakes are at their highest.

Showing a great level of confidence despite joining a team that hasn’t performed well for years might just be what they need.

Michael Jordan’s protege stirred up the GOAT debate

The never-ending GOAT debate in the realm of basketball was recently guided in a different direction. The 20-year-old star shook up the hoop community with his pick for the GOAT title. He said, “I actually don’t think LeBron is the GOAT of basketball,” while comparing LeBron James and Jordan. As per Miller, Paul George is the greatest to ever do it.