Michael Jordan won his first NBA title with the Chicago Bulls in 1991. Coming from modest origins, Jordan broke down in tears as he held the Larry O’Brien trophy. Having initially retired in 1993, Jordan revealed that he delayed his retirement, to pursue what Magic Johnson and Larry Bird couldn’t accomplish in 1992.

Following the Chicago Bulls’ third consecutive NBA championship in 1993, Michael Jordan abruptly announced his retirement. Jordan, at the time, admitted to lacking motivation and a desire to play baseball professionally.

Michael Jordan reveals why he delayed his retirement

During his time away from the floor, Jordan signed a minor league contract with the Chicago White Sox organization, which marked the start of a brief baseball career. The specific reasons for Jordan’s initial retirement remain unknown. MJ, however, recently revealed why he put off his retirement. It turns out that His Airness was driven by Johnson and Larry Bird.

The Bulls icon revealed his reason in a recent interview. Jordan said, “As early as the 1992 Olympics I knew the next season would be my last. I had talked it over with my father and he knew I was mentally drained. I needed a break and I considered leaving after our second championship. The only reason I came back was to win a third-straight championship, which was something neither Larry nor Magic had done.”