The Charlotte Hornets might redeem themselves in the upcoming season. Michael Jordan‘s team had a disappointing season this year. Finishing as the 14th seed this season, LaMelo Ball was the only star player on the team. However, he was inefficient without his 25-year-old teammate who made headlines for a huge controversy last year. After missing out an entire year, the latest update on Ball’s teammate might bring back smiles to Hornets fans’ faces.

Another update also revealed how Michael Jordan’s ownership decision depends on Victor Wembanyama.

Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets would like to bring their 25-year-old forward back

LaMelo Ball had a hard time on the court without Miles Bridges. The 6’7 forward was an explosive talent, especially on the offensive side. However, his prime time was put to a halt when he was arrested in June last year. Miles Bridges was accused of domestic violence. The news stunned the NBA world, in addition to which NBA commissioner Adam Silver suspended the 25-year-old for an entire season without pay.

Bridges will face a 10-game suspension in the upcoming season as well but is eligible to play after that. Reports have revealed that

Charlotte Hornet is willing to bring Bridges back in the upcoming season after his suspension. Moreover, the team is also expected to make some major additions to satisfy their owner, a 6-time champion.

After the Hornets’ season came to an end, reports revealed MJ was ready to sell his ownership stake. However, the 5-time MVP is yet to make the huge decision. MJ put it on hold and under a condition.

Victor Wembanyama’s influence on the Hornets

Reports revealed Michael Jordan was ready to reconsider the decision on selling his ownership stake if the team landed the French sensation. The draft lottery was beneficial, yet it did not go entirely in favor of MJ.

The San Antonio Spurs won the draft lottery for the first pick and now have a chance to draft Victor Wembanyama. Though the Hornets won second place, looks like there is no chance for the team to draft the young French star.

Now that the Hornets don’t have a shot at Wembanyama, do you think Michael Jordan will sell his ownership soon? Share your thoughts in the comments below!