Heartwarming Moment: Ronaldo’s Daughters Embrace Arabic Culture through Song

The whole family of Ronaldo went to Islam, Saudi Arabia and “joined the custom very well.

Ronaldo himself, when participating in events of the Al Nassr club, has the Islamic-style procedures of an orthodox Muslim country. Ronaldo’s children also show that they can approach strange cultures very quickly and even speak and sing… Arabic.

Ronaldo’s two daughters, Eva and Alana, took the internet by storm when they sang a Saudi Arabian song together in Arabic.




Eva is the daughter that Ronaldo asked a surrogate mother to give birth to twins with boy Mateo. And Alana is the common child between Ronaldo and Rodriguez. The song that the two children sang has a very meaningful part “The children love their father, the children love their mother, and the children love the brothers in the same house…”.

The star of Al Nassr has five children, the first boy Ronaldo Junior was born in the US in 2010 (Ronaldo asked a surrogate). In 2017, Ronaldo again asked someone to get pregnant for the second time and gave birth to twins Eva and Mateo.

The joint child of Ronaldo and his current girlfriend is Alana. On April 18 last year, the twins of Ronaldo and Rodriguez were born, but unfortunately the boy died, and the girl lived.

For a family where children come from “various sources” like Ronaldo, the lyrics “I love my father, I love my mother, I love each other…” is a good slogan… of this special family.

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