From Stray to Beloved: The Unexpected Tale of a Cat with a Resting Grumpy Face

There are felines that have distinct patterns on their fur, while others have a sad or angry appearance. And then there are those with a constant scowl that makes you feel like they might attack you any moment. Meet Cinder, a 24-month old cat with the most impressive resting b**ch face we’ve ever come across.


Cinder may seem strict, but she’s actually a sweet feline. This lovely kitty was rescued from the streets and brought to the Michiana Humane Society shelter as a stray. Unfortunately, her serious look has discouraged several people from adopting her, prompting the shelter staff to post an online plea on Facebook in hopes that Cinder will find a caring family.


The adoption of the cat was quick and seamless. Despite her resting grumpy face, the new owners fell in love with her personality. This demonstrates the incredible influence of social media platforms like Facebook, where even unappealing pets can find affectionate families. We are thrilled for Cinder and her new home, as she finally receives the love that she deserves. Her unexpected journey from being unwanted to cherished is a heartwarming tale of resilience and hope.

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