The Los Angeles Lakers are in Denver for Game 2 against the Nuggets. After dropping Game 1, LeBron James and the Lakers have come out with great intensity. However, with a wide-open lane, LBJ fumbled the ball out of bounds on a dunk attempt. This led to fans questioning if Michael Jordan had ever done the same, and as always, NBA Twitter came clutch with a clip very similar to what happened to Bron tonight.

The ‘LeBron James vs Michael Jordan’ debate has been going on for the longest time. The GOAT debate has only gotten louder with LBJ within striking distance of competing for a 5th title. At times like these, people have been comparing every move from shoe deal revenues to ‘fumbled’ chances.

Fans dig up old Michael Jordan footage as LeBron James fumbled an attempt
With about eight minutes left in the 2nd quarter, the Lakers got a steal, which led to a wide-open LeBron James on a fastbreak opportunity. Unfortunately, he lost control and fumbled the ball out of bounds.

As expected, the fans on Twitter went ahead with a ‘Michael Jordan would never’ kind of response. A user went ahead asking people to find him a clip of MJ doing the same.

While the fan had full confidence that MJ might have never done the same, sadly, that wasn’t the case. NBA Twitter saw Bron fumble the ball, and people already found clips of Jordan doing something very similar as well.

Ironically, Jordan fumbled the ball against the Lakers. Bron fans were ready with the old footage and used it to defend their GOAT’s honor. While the fans might rave about the missed opportunity, I’m sure after the game, Bron would not sweat about it at all. He’d rather be more concerned about the outcome of Game 2 and how to handle business as the series goes to Los Angeles for Games 3 and 4.