“Feline Fans Go Crazy Over Adorable ‘Kitty Ankles’ Photos Shared Online”

Have you ever heard of “Kitty kankles”? If not, don’t worry because you’re not alone. In a moment, you’ll wish you had known about them sooner. Cankles are broad ankles that merge with the lower leg without any tapering, making the legs look stocky. On the other hand, Kitty kankles are simply adorable kittens with stubby legs. It’s as cute as it sounds, and there’s even an entire subreddit on Reddit dedicated to sharing pictures of cats with thick legs called “kittykankles”. We’ve compiled some of our favorite images below so that you can also enjoy the wonder of “kitty kankles”. You’re welcome!









People on the internet can’t stop obsessing over a new trend of posting adorable photos of cats’ chubby ankles, or “cankles.” These photos are taking social media by storm as cat owners share their furry friends’ cutest features. It seems that cat lovers just can’t get enough of these fluffy and adorable images.

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