“Feline Expression: The Resemblance of a Cat’s Face to Our Morning Alarm Clock Struggle”

Although we love all felines, only the most amusing and iconic ones achieve meme fame. Zu is one of these cats, possessing a wealth of potential for meme-worthy content. His physique is so rotund that he looks like a fuzzball, while his grumpy yet endearing face and markings give the impression that he’s always taken aback or drained. It’s impossible not to adore this cat.
But wait, there’s more! Zu shares his home with another feline named Bocco, who is just as adorable. Together, the pair will bring joy and laughter to your day with their portly and unimpressed expressions. Visit their Instagram page to learn more.

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Chika is an avid Instagram user who frequently shares photos of her exotic cats, Bocco and Zuu, on their page which has garnered over 1,930 posts to date. Both Bocco and Zuu are male, with Bocco being born on June 26, 2016, and Zuu being younger, born on August 21, 2017. Chika notes that the duo tends to sleep the majority of the day while she is at work.

Bocco, an Exotic Shorthair, can be shy around strangers but enjoys getting massages from Chika and following her throughout the house. He also used to be good friends with Chika’s previous pets, hedgehogs. On the other hand, Zuu, an Exotic Longhair, is more sociable and unafraid of dogs he encounters in the park.

Chika admits to being inspired by uploading photos of her hedgehogs to Instagram, leading her to create an account for her beloved cats. She is pleased with the growing number of followers and positive comments she receives, as sharing her cat’s images brings her joy and makes others smile.

The image credit belongs to pechanko_bocco.

Chika shared that taking care of her flat-faced feline companions, Zuu and Bocco, requires some daily maintenance, such as wiping their brown tear stains. Due to their breed, the cats tend to produce tears that need to be cleaned regularly. Additionally, Chika mentioned that her pets are quite lethargic and unwilling to eat on their own, so she has to hand-feed them their food pellets. Even when she leaves some food out for them, they still wait for her to return and provide them with sustenance. As for their diet, they consume human-grade and grain-free cat food along with supplements to ensure their overall health. In a lighthearted tone, Chika jokingly noted that Zuu doesn’t have the best athletic abilities, as he has yet to reach the top of their cat tower.

The ownership of the photographs belongs to pechanko_bocco.

You may have come across some of the trendy cat breeds that have gained popularity on social media, such as Bocco and Zuu. However, there are a few other breeds that you may not be familiar with, such as the Exotic Shorthair and Longhair. No worries, as we’ve got some essential information to get you started. The Exotic Shorthair was first introduced in 1967 by breeding Persians with British Shorthairs. As per the Tropiano cat guide, this new breed inherited traits from both its ancestors, including the Persian’s laid-back attitude, and the shorthaired cousins’ easier coat maintenance and higher energy levels. If you’re looking for a playful pet for your family with kids, the Exotic Shorthair would be an excellent choice, as they are energetic and love to play but don’t need constant attention.

The attribution for the picture belongs to peachanko_bocco.

Exotic Longhairs are playful and affectionate cats who adore playing with toys and snuggling up with their human companions. However, taking care of their long and luxurious coats requires a bit more effort. To keep their fur looking fabulous, it’s essential to brush them daily.

The image was provided by Pechanko Bocco.

If you’re thinking about adding an Exotic Shorthair feline to your family, there are some important things to consider. These cats tend to pack on the pounds, so it’s crucial to watch their diet and avoid overfeeding. While their chubby “Puss in Boots” appearance is cute, too much weight can lead to health issues. It’s also worth noting that Exotic Shorthairs are deeply bonded with their humans and can get anxious if left alone for extended periods. Would you have the ability to leave a furry friend like that on their own for long stretches of time?

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