“Double the Love: A Heartwarming Tale of a Family Rescuing a Two-Faced Kitten”

Kyla King and her kin from Albany, Oregon, have been providing refuge for stray felines that have sought solace in their barn. One of the cats was heavily pregnant, so Kyla prepared a makeshift shelter for the expectant mother to seek comfort in as her delivery date drew closer. On a Wednesday morning, Kyla decided to pay a visit to the tabby cat, only to be greeted by a bundle of new-born kittens. As she examined each kitten carefully, Kyla was taken aback by a peculiar sight- one of the kittens had two faces!

Kyla King and her family residing in Albany, Oregon, have been taking care of stray cats that have made their abode in their barn. One of the felines was expecting to become a mother soon. In preparation for the big day, Kyla arranged a kennel for the pregnant cat.
On a Wednesday morning, Kyla checked on the tabby cat and discovered a litter of newborn kittens. While examining each kitten, she found that one of them had two small faces.
According to Love Meow, the King family shared that the kitten was the last one Kyla checked, and from behind, it appeared to be like the others. It wasn’t until she took a closer look that she noticed the two faces.

The family promptly contacted their veterinarian for assistance with Biscuits and Gravy, as they named the unique kitten. Kyla took up the task of feeding the kitten every hour since he was struggling to breastfeed. Her goal was to ensure that he received adequate nutrition to support his development.

The adorable Baby Biscuits has a unique appearance with two mouths, two eyes, and two ears. However, due to his cleft palates, he faces difficulties in feeding. Kyla, his caretaker, patiently feeds him by putting tiny drops of food in his mouth one by one. She alternates between the two mouths to make sure he receives the nutrition he needs.

Despite his challenges, Baby Biscuits is a fighter and shows a strong will to live. He skillfully suckles with one mouth while meowing with the other. Kyla’s love and care have helped this special kitten thrive and overcome his obstacles.

“I’m doing everything I can to nourish him,” Kyla expressed her efforts. Biscuits was born with a congenital disease called diprosopus, which is common in Janus Cats – a unique genetic peculiar characteristic. The oldest known survivor of this condition was Frankenlouie, who lived for an impressive 15 years. Another miraculous two-faced cat, named Duo, was adopted last year during Thanksgiving and has now surpassed 11 months in her loving home.

Biscuits’ feline mom is keenly interested in nurturing her little kitten, and Kyla is giving him extra cuddles and tender loving care to help him thrive. The King family has even given him a surrogate mom to snuggle with. Although no one knows how long this amazing kitten will survive, everyone is doing their best to ensure that he feels loved and well taken care of. Despite being born with two faces, this adorable tabby is just as playful and outgoing as his siblings.

Biscuits are definitely a blessing to our lives. We’re putting in every effort possible to assist this adorable little creature, and he’s a fighter.

It is truly commendable for the family to offer a caring home for the kitten. Their unwavering commitment and love will surely enhance the kitten’s well-being, enabling it to thrive and enjoy the affection and care that every animal deserves. This touching anecdote highlights the strength and perseverance of animals, inspiring us to embrace creatures with unique requirements and provide them with opportunities to live joyful lives in the company of kindness and empathy.

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