In 1991, Michael Jordan and Spike Lee teamed up to create a public service announcement (PSA) titled “Stay in School”. The PSA was created to encourage young people to stay in school and pursue their education, rather than dropping out and risking their futures.

The advertisement features Jordan and Lee seated at a high school classroom bench. Lee asks Jordan a mundane question, and the 2 have a dialogue between themselves.

“Yo Mike, do you know how you defy gravity? Do you know?”

“Yes Spike. I overcome the acceleration of gravity by the application of my muscle power in the vertical plane. Thus producing low-altitude vertical momentum.”

The two then completed the PSA by agreeing that it was his voracious schooling that led Mike to be so eloquent in explaining the dynamics of his high-flying play. Lee rounds off the segment with the words:

“Do what Michael Jordan says. Stay in school!”

How successful was the ad campaign?
The “Stay in School” PSA was widely successful and remains a popular example of how celebrities can use their platforms to promote important social causes. Jordan and Lee’s message resonated with young people and helped to emphasize the importance of education in achieving success.

Overall, the “Stay in School” PSA was a powerful and effective message that encouraged young people to stay in school and pursue their dreams.

Through their collaboration, Jordan and Lee were able to inspire a generation of young people to prioritize their education and work hard to achieve their goals.

Michael Jordan and Spike Lee enjoyed a love-hate relationship
Michael Jordan and Spike Lee have a long-standing relationship that dates back to the 1980s. Their friendship started when Jordan was just a rising star in the NBA, and Lee was a young filmmaker making a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Although Spike rooted for the New York Knicks (and still does), it hasn’t affected their relationship much. Like Patrick Ewing and Charles Oakley, Jordan enjoys a great camaraderie with this true-blue Knicks fan.

Over the years, Jordan and Lee have collaborated on numerous projects, most notably the iconic Nike Air Jordan commercials that helped establish Jordan as a global brand. Lee directed and co-wrote several of these ads, which featured Jordan’s signature moves and larger-than-life persona.