Daughter was born in the event of C. Ronaldo turned one year old

Baby Bella Esmeralda celebrated her one-year-old birthday on April 18 while her twin brother Angel could not be present in the world.

On his personal page yesterday, C. Ronaldo posted a picture of hugging his daughter Bella Esmeralda with the caption: ‘Happy first year in my father’s love life. Daddy loves you very much’. This photo was shared by Georgina on February 14. ‘Like’ the photo C. Ronaldo has just posted, but Georgina has not made a move to celebrate her daughter’s birthday on Instagram.

Baby Bella Esmeralda was born on April 18, 2022. But on the day of her birth, C. Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina announced the twin boy had passed away and added ‘the birth of a daughter gives us the strength to live with hope and happiness’. During the pregnancy with twins, the Portuguese striker’s girlfriend was healthy, so the loss of one of the twins surprised the public. The couple did not specify how their son died. On April 22, 2022, C. Ronaldo posted a photo to welcome mother and daughter Georgina home from the hospital.

On April 30, 2022, C. Ronaldo posted a topless photo holding baby Bella with the words: ‘Eternal love’.

In early May last year, when her daughter was about three weeks old, CR7’s girlfriend posted a picture of her smiling while sleeping. In later interviews, Georgina said 2022 was the most difficult year when the happiest moment was also the most sad because baby Angel passed away.

Baby Bella Esmeralda in her brother Cristiano Jr’s 12th birthday in the summer of 2022. She is the second daughter of C. Ronaldo and Georgina, after her sister Alana Martina (5 years old). The Portuguese superstar also has three children, Cristiano Jr and twins Eva and Mateo.

Georgina has repeatedly shared photos of Bella’s tiny day. In the photo posted in early August 2022, C. Ronaldo’s daughter sleeps soundly with a pacifier. But in the stormy interview last November, C. Ronaldo revealed that Bella was seriously ill and had to be hospitalized when she was only three months old. He said that was the reason he joined the army late, but the Red Devils leadership did not believe that it hurt him.

Baby Bella at 4 months old on vacation with her family. The girl has many similarities with her father.

The moment Bella was kissed by her brother Mateo at the beginning of the new year attracted more than 4 million “likes” on Georgina’s personal page. C. Ronaldo once confessed, after a week of hiding the fact that Angel could not survive, he and his relatives told the children Mateo, Eva and Alana Martina that Angel’s brother had gone to heaven.

Georgina hugs baby Bella to cut a cake to celebrate her 29th birthday at the end of January. The Portuguese superstar said the incident of losing baby Angel made him closer to Georgina Rodriguez and her children. The star couple together went through painful moments and then encouraged each other to continue living and working.

The latest image of baby Bella was posted by C. Ronaldo’s girlfriend on March 31. The beauty shared a series of moments with CR7 and her children with the caption: ‘My life’.

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