Cristiano Ronaldo: From the boy who sweeps the garbage and asks for food to the billionaire player

Cristiano Ronaldo has had an incredible journey in his life, from the boy who sweeps up the garbage and then begs for food for his family, the Portuguese player currently has an income of 200 million dollars a year.

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Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (38 years old) grew up in poverty. When he was a child, Ronaldo used to order food for his family. Currently, it is estimated that the player has a fortune of more than 900 million dollars. Ronaldo is currently a solid support for his birth mother and his three siblings.

Cristiano Ronaldo flies to Madeira to be by mum Dolores Aviero's bedside after she suffers a stroke – The Sun | The Sun

In the history of world football, Ronaldo is considered one of the most successful players of the 21st century. Most likely, he will be one of the rare dollar billionaires to appear in the world of sports.

If you look back at Ronaldo’s starting point, everyone will be shocked because he has an amazing journey in life. Ronaldo grew up in a poor family, his father was a heavy drinker. Ronaldo’s family lived in the residential area of ​​Sao Pedro in the municipality of Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.

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The boy Ronaldo used to sweep up the garbage and ask for food

The boy Ronaldo worked as a street sweeper in a residential area to be able to support his family with a small amount of money to cover daily life. Little Ronaldo that day even went to order food for his family so that the whole family could be fuller.

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Ronaldo is the youngest of a family of four children. Ronaldo’s mother, Mrs. Dolores dos Santos, used to feel a great crisis when she found out that she was pregnant for the fourth time. Due to the difficult family situation, she decided to go to the doctor to have an abortion, but the doctor The doctor refuses to do this.

The miserable mother, whose husband is a heavy drinker and three small children who need to be raised, has to find many ways to terminate the pregnancy on her own. She drank a lot of alcohol and ran until she was exhausted, but everything failed and… Ronaldo was born in 1985.

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Ronaldo’s father, José Dinis Aveiro, is a heavy drinker and there is not a day that he does not get drunk. Mr. José makes a living as a hired gardener, but the work is not stable. José himself also has many psychological problems. Everything in the family puts the burden on the shoulders of the wife and mother, Mrs. Dolores.

In previous interviews, Ronaldo has always proudly recounted the difficult road he went through. When he saw that his family often had to eat hungry, the boy Ronaldo soon learned to take cleaning jobs uptown in order to have a little more money to help his mother. He often waits outside grocery stores to order food that is empty and that the restaurant owner is about to abandon.

Cristiano Ronaldo se ha comprado la casa más cara de Portugal: te enseñamos cómo es y te contamos cuánto le ha costado | GQ España

Grieving for an alcoholic father

Overcoming all the difficulties at the beginning, Ronaldo has reached the pinnacle of success in the world of sports. He not only has a successful career and international reputation, but he also knows how to build a great fortune. What hurt Ronaldo the most was that his biological father never got to see the great success his son achieved.

The father died prematurely from liver failure in 2005. Although he was unable to witness the glory his youngest son achieved, from the moment he saw Ronaldo take the first steps in his playing career, his father knew his son would be a famous figure. in the world of soccer.

Photos : Coupe du Monde 2018 : Découvrez l'évolution physique de Cristiano Ronaldo

Mr. José soon confirmed to a team of reporters who interviewed him that he was very proud of Ronaldo. It wasn’t until much later that Ronaldo found out that his father had accepted an interview before he was a soccer star.

Many years later, when he found out about this interview, Ronaldo was very emotional and said: “I never knew about the interview that people did with my father. It was incredible. I felt proud of myself from the very beginning, when I started my career.” as a professional soccer player, he was very excited.

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To be honest, I don’t understand my father very well. He was so drunk that I was never able to have a conversation with him, not even a casual conversation. It is very difficult for me to face my father.”

Although his childhood had many difficulties, Ronaldo never felt miserable when looking back on those days. He has grown up well and is a close family man. Ronaldo is very close to his mother and 3 of his brothers. The player has a good relationship with his family.

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Career success is top notch but family is number 1

From the age of 14, Ronaldo stopped studying in high school to officially follow the path of becoming a professional soccer player.

After a successful playing career, now, at the age of 38, Ronaldo is on the list of the richest sports stars in the world. He is earning around 200 million dollars a year when he plays for the Al Nassr club in Saudi Arabia.

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In addition to a successful sports career, Ronaldo is also a social media star, a famous figure in world popular cultural life. The traction he creates for the international media and public is enormous. Thanks to that, Ronaldo earns large amounts of money with commercial activities, advertising contracts and cooperation with brands.

Currently, according to some financial news, Ronaldo has a fortune of more than 900 million dollars. The possibility of Ronaldo one day officially becoming a billionaire is entirely possible.

Ronaldo owns expensive real estate in many cities around the world, not to mention that his brand value and image in the market will bring great long-term financial benefits to the U40 player. Ronaldo’s potential to continue making a fortune even after retirement is clear. Ronaldo was on the level of a star with enduring charisma, despite the ups and downs of his playing career.

Cristiano était un pleurnichard, il s'énervait quand il perdait, qu'on ne lui passait pas la balle"

Despite his reputation and fortune at a desirable level, Ronaldo always tries to stay realistic in life. He always upholds family values. Many times in interviews, Ronaldo has stated that family and loved ones are the most important to him.

Currently, Ronaldo is the father of 5 children. In addition to his tireless efforts in his soccer career, Ronaldo insists that raising children is one of the most important and wonderful priorities of his life.

Recently, Ronaldo revealed that he took his eldest son, Cristiano Jr (12 years old), to visit the house where Ronaldo’s entire family lived when he was a child. Little Cristiano Jr. was amazed at what he saw: a narrow house, far from the luxurious villas in which he had stayed.

“My son was shocked and could not believe that I lived in that little house. He wouldn’t stop asking me questions because he couldn’t believe his eyes. For me, it was a miraculous experience that I need to give to my little ones. son,” shared Ronaldo.

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