chainsaw artist scott dow transforms salvaged logs into stunning works of art

Scott Dow may have started out as a passionate hobbyist, but he’s now a professional artist. Animals are his favorite subject matter because of their unique anatomy. With only a chainsaw to tackle his projects, Scott creates detailed sculptures of wildlife and everyday pets.

Dow is an artist who calls Harrisburg his home. He’s a wood carver who uses chainsaws in most of his artwork. Yes, you read that correctly. Using chainsaws.

If you love crafts and have a knack for doing something a little more unique, turning that into a business isn’t out of the question.

Scott Dow, the master craftsman behind Animalistic Chainsaw Carving, has been an artist his whole life. But it wasn’t until eight years ago that he found his niche. He began carving for fun but then decided to start a business. Dow does mostly custom orders and he still gets to be creative.

The World’s Most Creative Bar Top Is Made Using A Chainsaw

Dow specializes in animalistic chainsaw carvings and carves everything from crocodiles and fish to birds and bears. He’s even carved a bar top with a crocodile design! The catalpa wood used for this project was locally sourced by carpenters for cabinets and furniture. Dow went full-time with his business five years ago, but he still enjoys half of his work being custom orders so he can stay creative.

While Scott’s work is unique, it’s also functional—and people love it!

Scott Dow is a unique artist who makes artwork using unconventional tools and materials.

Scott Dow’s life was headed nowhere until he figured out that his true passion was art. He started carving for fun and then decided to turn it into a business. Through the years, he has developed some skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture. He does mostly custom orders and sometimes still gets to be creative with his work. He likes to keep his inventory stocked with favorites and he plans to do seasonal pieces of artwork.

The point of this article is that hobbies can translate into a successful business. I get so excited about seeing hard work and passion manifested and rewarded, especially in an area that isn’t normally considered capitalistic. There are obviously creative people out there who have the innate talent to create without the need for something “real” as a source of inspiration and motivation. This story shows how one person has turned their passion and gifted personality into something that not only provides for himself but has become a business with high demand.

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