Brian Wιndhoɾst ReʋeɑƖs The Level Of Disconnectιon Between Keʋιn Dᴜrant And Kyrie Iɾvιng: TҺey Dιdn’t Even Look At Eɑch Otheɾ

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving faced off against each other on Sunday night for the first time since getting traded from the Brooklyn Nets.

Evidently, the expectations for the matchup were very high. Fans got an amazing game that ended at 130-126 in favor of Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns. Speaking of the KD vs. Kyrie matchup, NBA analyst Brian Windhorst believes that the two players showed a huge level of disconnection between them.

“The complete lack of emotion from Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant,” Windhorst said. “If you didn’t know any better, you’d just kind of wandered in and, like, were college fans, didn’t know anything about the NBA, and I was trying to tell you that there was this enormous breakup to change the landscape in the NBA that rocked both teams, because those two guys played together for four years, he wouldn’t believe me.”

Windhorst didn’t stop here. The renowned NBA analyst further pointed out the fact that Durant and Irving didn’t even look at each other throughout the game.

“They didn’t even look at each other,” Windhorst added. “There were times they walked past each other, like, during timeout situations, not, like, in the middle of the game when they’re competing, wouldn’t even turn their heads. …  So, I think we got our answer there about just where that relationship is and how it ended in Brooklyn.”

(Starts at 8:02)

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving seemingly had a good relationship for the most part during their stint together with the Brooklyn Nets. At least that’s what most of us thought.

However, after seeing their first matchup since parting ways as teammates has proven that’s not the case. If anything, Kyrie and Durant have ended their relationship not only as teammates but as friends as well.

Kevin Durant Showed No Emotions After Playing Against Kyrie Irving

As we mentioned earlier, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s matchup was the highlight of the game. Evidently, the media wanted to know Duran’t thoughts on playing against Kyrie.

While many expected Durant to give a proper response to the question, KD simply pointed out that he had no emotions during the game.

“No emotions at all. It’s another game. Like I told someone earlier, for most of my career I played against Kyrie. Last couple of seasons he was on my team but for the majority of my career, I played against him, so I know how it feels.”

Durant simply labeled it as just another game in the season while pointing out he has faced off against Kyrie numerous times in his career previously.

It was certainly not the response that fans expected to see. But there is nothing we can do about it.

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