Rabat – NBA legend Michael Jordan has joined the list of A-list celebrities that reflect their love of cultural diversity and art through their visits to Morocco.

Dar El Bacha, Museum of Confluences Dar El Bacha, published this week two photos of the basketballer as he was enjoying Marrakech’s warmth.

“We had the pleasure of welcoming American basketball legend Michael Jordan to the Musee des Confluences who was happy with his visit to the museum and appreciated its collection,” Dar El Bacha wrote on its Instagram page.

Bacha Coffee also shared a picture with the legend, with the location’s staff looking mesmerized to take a picture with Jordan.

Morocco continues to attract public figures from a growing list of celebrities, many of whom are frequent visitors or are simply keen on exploring the country’s diversity and culture.

Last year saw several stars visiting iconic Moroccan cities, including Hollywood stars like Liam Hemsworth, Lucy Hale, and Adrian Grenier.

Ex-White House senior officials like Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner also fell in love with Morocco after visiting the North African country in late 2020.

In July 2022, Ivanka shared a series of pictures of her trip to southern Morocco, including one where she was wearing Melhfa, the traditional clothing donned by Moroccan Sahrawi women.

The photo shows Ivanka posing near the breathtaking beach of Dakhla in southern Morocco.

In addition to government officials and Hollywood stars, many sportsmen and women are also known for choosing to holiday in Morocco.

Last month, converging reports shared a few pictures of French football star Kylian Mpabbe, stressing that they were taken in Marrakech.

Atletico Madrid’s coach Diego Simeone enjoyed a family holiday in Marrakech last year, with photos of the trip showing that the iconic football coach and his family tried a camel ride during their stay in the famed Moroccan city.

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