Aspirations come true: they happily welcomed twins and triplets


Aspirations come true: they happily welcomed twins and triplets

Nadia and Robbie’s remarkable journey defied expectations, as they were told having children would be unlikely. However, they beat the odds and now have five children under the age of five.

Nadia, a full-time mother and part-time online instructor from Dallas, Texas, always dreamt of becoming a mother. After marrying Robbie in 2012, they began trying for a child but faced a year of natural infertility despite being young and healthy.

Medical tests revealed that Nadia had polycystic ovarian syndrome, making it unlikely for her to conceive. They tried oral medication for eleven months, which proved ineffective and made Nadia ill. Determined to start a family, they turned to injectable hormones, and within a month, Nadia became pregnant.

The couple’s joy multiplied when they discovered they were expecting twins during their first ultrasound. Amari and Keona were born in January 2015, bringing immense happiness to Nadia and Robbie. The experience strengthened their belief that each baby was destined to be part of their family.

After the birth of their twin daughters, Nadia and Robbie felt their children would benefit from having another sibling. Unbelievably, within a month, they learned they were expecting not one, but three more infants. Despite the option of selective reduction for Nadia’s safety, they embraced the challenge of raising triplets.

In April 2017, Mila, Colette, and Noah were born, completing their family of seven. Nadia and Robbie now navigate the joys and challenges of raising five young children, often capturing the attention and delight of passersby when they venture out together.

Through their family Instagram and YouTube profiles, Nadia and Robbie have connected with thousands of people worldwide, sharing their inspiring journey. They approach parenting as a team, with moments of dividing and conquering and other times working together. Despite the occasional difficulties, their love for each other grows stronger, and they believe that every life event happens for a reason.

With their hearts full of gratitude, Nadia and Robbie remain open to the possibility of more children, should the opportunity arise. Their story serves as a reminder that miracles can happen, and with love, determination, and teamwork, families can overcome even the most challenging circumstances.

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