A Tale of Two Kitties: Ginger Feline Adopts Identical Kitten and Nurtures Him

Evin and Minnie the cat have formed an unbreakable bond since the day they met. According to Jessica Ryan, Evin was originally a barn cat that her boyfriend, Jesse, fell in love with. He decided to give Evin as a Christmas gift to Jessica in 2014. Soon after, they stumbled upon Minnie’s litter and couldn’t resist adopting him since he resembled a miniature version of Evin. Since then, they have made it their mission to spay and neuter all the barn cats to prevent any more litters. After Minnie settled into his new home, Evin immediately took a liking to him. Perhaps Evin should consider changing his name to Mickey, given his close relationship with Minnie.


Minnie developed a strong bond with Evin and would always want him by her side wherever she went.



He always wanted to be with Evin, no matter the place or time.


It doesn’t matter to him if there’s any space available for him or not.


“Evin has a very calm and affectionate personality while Minnie is quite energetic, often seen running around the house uncontrollably. Before going to bed, we need to engage in some intense playtime with Minnie. Both of them thoroughly enjoy play-fighting with each other.”


They are practically inseparable, spending their entire days in close proximity to one another.






It’s time to hit the hay and catch some Z’s!


Minnie and Evin have been together for more than a year now, and Minnie has grown to be half the size of Evin. They are still as close as ever, and their owner lovingly refers to them as the “little loves of my life.”


These felines are the epitome of companionship, much like the dynamic duo of Buzz and Woody. Don’t hesitate to share their heartwarming bond with your loved ones!

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