A miraculous survivor: Follow the incredible journey of a cat who defied death and crawled to safety after being hit by a car

Just a couple of weeks prior to Christmas, a cat had a tragic encounter with a car in Virginia, USA. The heartless driver who caused the accident didn’t bother to check on the poor feline and just drove away, believing the cat to be dead. But luck was on the cat’s side as he was still alive but severely hurt. In his desperate state, the cat somehow managed to make his way to the closest house for help. With all his remaining energy, the injured feline crawled towards the door of the house seeking refuge.

The feline was noticed by the dogs
Fallon Phillips
is the proprietor of the residence where the cat headed to. However, it was the incessant barking of her two dogs that alerted her to the presence of the feline. Curious,
opened her door and saw the injured body of the cat on her doorstep. ”
As soon as I stepped out, he immediately brushed against my leg
,” she revealed to
Danville Register Bee


A cat in need was rescued thanks to a successful Go Fund Me campaign. When a distressed Fallon discovered an injured feline, she was concerned about the costly vet bills that she couldn’t afford. Seeking help from her neighbor, they reached out to volunteer Jennifer Miller. Jennifer offered to raise funds for veterinary care if Fallon agreed to adopt the cat. Fallon accepted the offer, and Jennifer created a fundraiser on Go Fund Me to gather donations. Thanks to the kindness of others, the cat received the medical attention it needed.

Assisted by Jennifer, Fallon quickly brought their injured cat to a veterinary clinic for diagnosis. The vet confirmed that the poor feline had a broken paw and jaw, and required an operation that needed to be done by a specialist using plates. Luckily, on Christmas Eve, Dr. Al Henry, who specializes in such procedures, was available to operate on the cat. Despite the need for specialized care, Dr. Henry generously reduced the cost by several hundred euros and even provided a complimentary castration procedure for the feline.

The expenses for the rescue operation were largely taken care of by generous donations amounting to $2,000 through Go Fund Me. The remaining cost of $600 was borne by Jennifer. Apollo, the feline who was saved, is recuperating slowly under the care of Fallon and her two canines and leading a peaceful life.

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