A Feline’s Tale of Resilience and Friendship: A Journey from Jail to Joyful Home with Canine and Feline Companions

Introducing Reggie, a tiny feline whose life was spared from euthanasia. At just three weeks old, he had already gone through the heartache of being separated from his mother. However, fortune smiled upon him when a compassionate dog and cat welcomed him into their own household. Today, this adorable tuxedo kitty has found solace and affection in his new abode.


@suzie_and_kushi, also known as Kelly, recently shared a touching tale about a rescue kitten named Reggie. Reggie was on the brink of being euthanized at a kill shelter in NYC when North Shore Animal League intervened and asked Kelly to foster him. Since then, Reggie has been thriving under Kelly’s care and is described as a very sweet kitten. However, as an only child, Reggie longed for a mother figure. Fortunately, two resident cats in Kelly’s home immediately took to Reggie and gave him the love and affection he craved. Over time, Reggie became a beloved member of their family and found the companionship he was missing. This heartwarming story shows how a little kindness can change a life and bring joy to everyone involved.


Suzie is an endearing dog who has a fondness for tiny kittens. Whenever her owner brings in a new foster kitten, she instantly becomes happy and cuddles the cute newcomer with ease. Recently, Reggie, one of the latest feline additions, was welcomed warmly by Suzie. He also reciprocated her love and warm embrace, quickly becoming comfortable with her motherly affection.


Reggie is feeling incredibly proud as he shows off his cherished companion. He’s absolutely thrilled with the fact that he now has a large bed to cuddle up with Suzie and get some well-deserved rest. 😊


Apart from Suzie, Reggie has found another buddy who looks after him. Meet Kushi, a feline with one eye who shares Reggie’s fondness for kittens and helps Kelly in fostering them. Kushi snuggles with Reggie, making him feel safe and secure by assuring him that everything is fine.


Reggie, the lovable little cat, has discovered a comfortable new sleeping spot – nestled inside his owner’s warm hoodie. This playful feline seems to have claimed anything soft and cozy as his own.


Reggie’s luck took a positive turn in just a few days, as he went from being on the verge of death to receiving love and care from his foster brothers and sisters. One of his foster siblings, Suzie, was particularly attentive and protective of her cat buddy, making sure he was safe from harm.


Reggie is enjoying an immense amount of love and affection!


Have you ever wondered why someone would want to send such a cute kitten to its doom? Well, fear not! Let’s help spread the word and save this furry friend. Meet Paul Robertson and his beloved cat Percy, the most adorable duo with an unbreakable bond. Paul works as a truck driver and although he enjoys being on the road, it can get quite lonely during those long trips. That’s why he decided to adopt Howie a few years ago to keep him company on his journeys. Sadly, Howie passed away in 2017, leaving a massive hole in Paul’s heart.

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