“A Feline Haven: The Inspiring Story of a Man Who Turned His House into a Home for Stray Cats”

Uli, also called Muslihudin Sharbinie, resides close to Bogor in Indonesia. He is a family man with a wife and five children.


According to The Dodo’s report, this remarkable individual is juggling three jobs to provide for his own household and also to take care of his “extended family” – the stray cats in his community.


The streets are crawling with stray and feral cats, to the point where the locals view them as pests. Unfortunately, some have resorted to inhumane methods such as poisoning or killing to eliminate them. However, there is hope. Thanks to Uli and his group of compassionate individuals, the situation is turning around. For as long as he can recall, Uli has been tending to the cats, feeding them and treating their minor injuries using natural remedies. His love for these furry creatures was passed down from his grandparents who also held a soft spot for the strays.


In an interview with The Dodo, Uli expressed that he is the only one in his area who can assist the animals in need. He emphasized that it is crucial for them to receive help as their survival depends on it, and they have no other options. However, due to the financial burden of taking care of his own family, Uli is limited in his ability to do more for the animals.


In 2014, Kristen Connelly, a resident of Oxnard, California, came across a Facebook profile that belonged to a man with an unmatched love for cats. This chance encounter led her to send him a friend request and inquire about how she could assist him. The man divulged that he was in dire need of funds to construct a shelter for the felines and provide them with adequate medical care. This marked the beginning of Uli’s angels.


Connelly took initiative and reached out to fellow animal enthusiasts to create a GoFundMe page. Through their efforts, they were able to gather sufficient funds to have the cats in the vicinity spayed and neutered. According to Connelly, as he observed the positive impact of their actions, he urged the reluctant caretaker to bring the cats home instead of merely turning them away or leaving some food in the local markets.


Uli utilized the funds to construct a makeshift sanctuary from the ground up. He even gathered and procured materials and wood to fabricate a haven for cats. Nowadays, thanks to the global community’s generous contributions, he can afford to bring sickly kitten to a veterinarian and provide sustenance for all the creatures that seek his refuge.


In addition to caring for cats in his village, he has taken on the role of an educator. He is teaching his fellow villagers to show love and compassion towards the feline population. Fortunately, his efforts have led to a noticeable change in behavior. Instead of abandoning cats in the trash or at schools, the community members are now bringing them to him.

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